Apple does big phones better than Android

“Had I taken my Android vacation two years ago, it might have ended a whole lot differently,” Michael Simon writes for Macworld. “Back then, Apple was still trying to convince us of the benefit of thumb-to-screen ratio, and if I would have used the 4.9-inch Nexus 5 for a month, I’m not sure I would have switched my SIM back so quickly.”

“To be honest, I don’t really want to go back to my iPhone 6 now. My time with the Nexus 6P has convinced me of the benefit of so-called phablets, and as soon as it’s available I’m preordering an iPhone 7 Plus,” Simon writes. “But while I loved the physical size and the overall craftsmanship of my Nexus phone, I simply didn’t enjoy using it as much as I do my iPhone.”

“It’s a funny thing. Android phones started the large-screen trend years before Apple jumped on the bandwagon, but over the course of my time away from my iPhone, it wasn’t my iPhone that I missed most, it was iOS,” Simon writes. “Using Android for a month showed me that Apple has done a much better job with crafting its OS to compensate for the specific challenges giant phones create.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Now to be fair, this is only because Android is an inferior product peddled to cheapskate tech illiterates who do not value their privacy and/or who are unable to recognize a half-assed knockoff from the revolutionary original.

Android is a BlackBerry clone that was hastily rejiggered to mimic iPhone at the last minute. Obviously, mistakes were made and corners were cut. So, the Android rush-job is a security nightmare. It’s a fragmented morass. It’s too many cooks in the kitchen. It’s crap-by-committee, lowest common denominator junk. Anyone who rewards blatant thieves by settling for Android garbage deserves their fate.

iOS is to Android as a world class chef is to a kitchen full of McDonald’s fry cooks.

And, yes, once you go to Apple’s flagship 5.5-inch iPhone 6s Plus, you’ll never want to go back.


  1. Android OEMs were taking the cheep easy way of making improvements to phones, Apple was working on internals that were more important but did not have the sex appeal. 64bit, fingerprint scanner, secure enclave, privacy protections, kill switch, to name a few. Now that Apple has released large phones others can’t catch up. The original phablets were an attempt to challenge iPad. Android could not do a large size and had to be contented to a cell service when the iPad came out. So OEMs made phones as large as they could. Google had to make a separate OS for tablets at first before they could make one OS for both. This took about two years.

    I have read that it Chinese is easier on large screens, and this could have been a factor in Asia.

    One thing people overlook is the iPhone is now available in more countries and carriers. It may not be so much as size as people now have a choice.

  2. A few years ago, Android phone makers tried to persuade customers that they needed a bigger phone, just so they could cram in a bigger battery (otherwise, the battery wouldn’t have kept a charge till the end of the day). The, then smaller, iOS devices’ lower power consumption didn’t force Apple to go to bigger phones.
    Now that Apple makes larger phones (they may even make their fonts bolder(=readable for non-teenage eyes), given the extra screen real estate), they shouldn’t neglect those who don’t like all those oversized devices.

    1. They’ve already done so. There is no optical image stabilization on the smaller iPhone 6 or 6s, it’s only on their larger Plus. I’d expect additional compromises for an even smaller phone… which I’d be fine with, as long as they get away from that idiotic 16 GB entry level storage and start at a reasonable 32GB.

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