Pro photographers: A couple weeks with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil made us fall in love

“We’ve been using the iPad Pro for a couple weeks now and are thoroughly impressed,” Josh Rubin writes for Cool Hunting. “The screen is phenomenal, speakers are booming and every app runs super-fast.”

“While our intention was to focus on how the larger screen tablet fits in to a professional photographer’s workflow, we quickly also fell in love with the many uses of the Apple Pencil,” Rubin writes. “The stylus is far more responsive than any we’ve tested and its deep integration with the iPad Pro means that writing and drawing feels incredibly natural. The most important note, however, is that the Pro is named as such for a reason. It’s more than a large-screen tablet, it’s a tool for creative types that nicely integrates with the way we work.”

“Given the size, clarity and resolution of the Pro however, it’s by far the most beautiful tablet-based photography experience we’ve seen,” Rubin writes. “One of the biggest surprises was how nice it is to take handwritten notes using the iPad Pro. We’ve been fans of Evernote for years and found that the ability to use Pencil with it was effortless.”

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  1. Hell didn’t anyone tell these professionals that the iPad Pro is useless for professionals. They should give it up immediately and start Being professional and only do those things that you can do on PCs, after all that P clearly stands for ‘Professional’ doesn’t it and the C… well I will let you decide what that stands for, I have a pretty good idea.

  2. I just tried using the Pro in the Apple Store with the keyboard and i was really impressed with how natural it felt. And then, using the keyboard tried Cmd+TAB and it brought up an app switcher like I was in OS X.

    My thought after that brief encounter is that the iPad Pro is much more ambitious than simply a bigger iPad.

  3. Less is more, Josh Rubin.

    He has his Applespeak down, though. The iPad Pro screen is “phenomenal,” which it would if he had never seen an iPad before. And the writing and drawing? Not just natural, but “incredibly natural.”

    Apple does this with their website copy and their product announcement shows. Everything is amazing, fantastic, incredible, magic.

    The act is old, and the sad part is nobody else does what Apple does. At times, some of their products live up to terms such as “revolutionary.”

    But a company that knows style would not pile on the superlatives. To call an enhanced mouse “magic” is silly, as in not deserving respect.

    1. I’m not going to down vote you, but I will say, you’re an idiot. There’s a reason these platforms allow DEVELOPERS to write software. Do you really expect Apple to fill every single purpose with built in tools?

      iOS is completely useless as an entertainment platform because I have to buy 3rd party games just to have fun! >:-(

      1. Hey thanks for the name calling. Have you EVER worked with Lightroom or RAW files? To use LR on the iPad you must first import the files into Creative Cloud FROM A COMPUTER then there are JPGs the iPad can work on. That’s useless for a photographer who wants to transfer images into his device from his camera in the field, and edit and display those images. A MacBook or any other laptop can handle RAW files just fine. There is no work flow that I see working for pro photographers with the iPad. I’ve tried it with the Air 2. So other than musicians and graphic artists, what Pros is the iPad Pro targeted to?

    1. The pencil doesn’t work with anything but the iPad Pro. I got my Pencil yesterday. It paired with my iPad Pro with no issues. I love the thing with the limited experience I have so far.

      Out of curiosity I plugged it into an iPhone 6 running iOS 9 and it did nothing, no error message, no response, nothing. There is no response on the iPhone screen either, just as expected. This is an iPad Pro tool only, for now.

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