Apple Music will be available on Sonos starting December 15th

Sonos CEO John MacFarlane writes in the company’s official blog:

We are excited to tell you that Apple Music will be available on Sonos December 15th in beta. A beta is an early preview of the service, and an opportunity for people like you to help us shape the experience of listening to Apple Music on Sonos in your home.

The teams at Apple and Sonos have been working very hard to bring Apple Music to Sonos, and look forward to hearing your feedback. Because it’s a preview, we know there are areas we’ll need to improve, and we’ll continue to do so throughout the beta.

Apple Music is a fantastic service, and you will have the ability to stream all your favorite features, including For You, New, Radio, and My Music through our smart speakers tuned for great sound in any or every room of your home. If you have family accounts, up to six of them can be added to your Sonos experience, so everyone in the house can listen to music their way. You can even share songs and playlists with each other in a unique way that only Sonos can deliver. Not a member of Apple Music? Sign up now to get started with a free three month trial.

Together, Apple Music and Sonos hope to transform your life at home with the power of streaming music. If you’d like to participate in the beta of Apple Music on Sonos, you’re invited to sign up here. As always, we welcome your feedback.


MacDailyNews Take: This is great news for Sonos owners!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. OMG F I N A L L Y! Talk about a Fail! I was a Beats subscriber who immediately upgraded to Music when it launched – my reward – SONOS wouldn’t work and I couldn’t downgrade. I LOVE my SONOS system (or should say loveD it) but this has just been CRAZY. Why didn’t Apple just let people who were already subscribing to Music keep their Beats subscriptions until they killed it (which they did today). Maybe my wife will finally stop complaining and we’ll be able to listen to music on our SONOS without a damn aux cable.

  2. Since Apple Music launched, Sonos has been working on support for the service, with a promise to have the feature ready to roll out by the end of the year. Beats Music, which did work with Sonos, is shutting down as of today. Sonos has recommended its users move their Beats Music accounts to Apple Music to save their playlists ahead of the rollout of the Apple Music for Sonos beta

  3. Apple blew this one. Should have had that worked out with SONOS. I let my trial expire due to that, so maybe Apple will get some of us back.
    BTW, there is a hack app that does work, but I don’t generally like to run such things.
    It’s called “SonoAir” and worked fairly well if you want to try it.

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