Teardown shows Apple Pencil is powered by amazingly tiny tech

“Your standard No. 2 pencil is made of wood, graphite, a little metal and bit of synthetic rubber. You can buy a whole box of them for a few dollars,” Bill Detwiler reports for CNET. “The Apple Pencil costs $99, and for that price, it better be filled with pixie dust and unicorns. I decided to crack it open and find out.”

MacDailyNews Take: Ooh, 99 bucks for a precision marking implement that’s simply best of its kind. Unmatched. If $99 for Apple Pencil is too much for you, you can’t afford an iPad Pro to begin with.

“Released alongside the iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil let’s you draw, take notes, mark up documents, annotate photos and do basically anything you can do with a traditional pencil,” Detwiler reports. “It’s also an excellent precision input device for the iPad Pro, and makes it easy to select small menu items or finely adjust app controls.”

The Apple Pencil for iPad Pro
The new Apple Pencil for iPad Pro

“So, what did I learn from cracking open the Apple Pencil? Well for starters, this thing is NOT meant to be taken apart,” Detwiler reports. “As for the brains of the Pencil, there’s an 32-bit RISC ARM-based Cortex-M3 MCU from ST Micro, a Bluetooth chip from Cambridge Silicon Radio (which is now part of Qualcomm), and at least five other chips with unknown functions. Powering all this is a tiny 3.82 V, 0.329 Wh lithium-ion battery. There’s also the antenna and pressure and angle sensors near the tip.”

Read more and check out all of the teardown photos in the full article here.

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  1. “Well for starters, this thing is NOT meant to be taken apart. Which is a real shame, because other styluses, like the Pencil from FiftyThree can be disassembled.”

    Real shame?? they didn’t make the Pencil to be disassembled. And you won’t want users to be messing around with the organs.

    “That brings me to my second observation. If the Pencil wasn’t designed to be repaired, why use screws (six of them) inside it?”

    You use screws for ease of assembly as well….

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