PC Magazine reviews Apple Pencil: Must-have device, your iPad Pro’s go-to companion – Editors’ Choice

“The Apple iPad Pro is a beautiful, powerful tablet, designed with artists and creative professionals in mind,” Sascha Segan writes for PC Magazine.

“If you’re part of that community, the Apple Pencil ($99) is likely to become your go-to companion accessory. It’s more comfortable to hold, easier to pair, and more reliable to use than any other Bluetooth stylus I’ve tested,” Segan writes. “It’s a must-have device if you intend to draw or write on an iPad Pro, and is our Editors’ Choice.”

“While the Pencil is a no-brainer for artists, it’s also worth buying if you intend to take notes on your iPad,” Segan writes. “In both Evernote and OneNote, the Pencil let me take extremely small, detailed notes with perfect palm rejection (which is important on this large a surface), and its balance meant that my hand didn’t get tired.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Leave it to Apple to create the best stylus by far. Hopefully in the future they’ll use magnets to keep the Pencil with the iPad. I use a simple, adhesive, pen loop on my Moleskine journal which may serve this purpose too.

  2. Hope all ipads support it in time.

    I can understand that for marketing reasons it should be limited to the Pro for now..
    But not down the line… ..imho

    Also magnet attacment as the post above suggests or cases that accommodate the pencil

    1. Has NOTHING to do with marketing reasons. It works because of a combination of the digitizer and the Pencil itself. It’s iPad Pro only simply because it is new technology being introduced. It will eventually trickle down the line. Just as with Siri and Touch ID… and the same will happen with 3D Touch.

      1. Well no reason for the caps on Nothing my friend …Unless you were one of the desion mackers .
        I suspect if they wanted to they could have introduced the technology on all new ipads.. They did not …
        That, i believe, is for marketing reasons..to make the Pro ever more attractive at its launch …

        1. Nothing wrong with introducing new tech on a new product, especially as it would involve upgrading the entire iPad line.

          I suspect however, that the Pencil works so well as it has all those extra pixels to interface with – pixels which lesser iPads cannot match, at least at this stage.

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