Apple’s super-sized ‘iPad Pro’ shines for work, play and creativity

“First time I picked up the iPad Pro it made me smile,” Andy Robertson writes for Forbes. “It triggered two emotions, awe at the scale and size of the ambition along with the slight absurdity of a familiar interface suddenly getting super-sized.”

“iOS 9 feels like it has been waiting for the iPad Pro. The tablet’s 2732 by 2048 pixel works really well with the Slide Over and Split View features,” Robertson writes. “Running apps side by side like this again highlights you pretty much have two iPad Minis here.”

“Playing games that require more processing, particularly those that scale to the device like Skylanders Superchargers on iOS highlight how console-like an experience you can have here,” Robertson writes. “In fact with so much screen space, such high end visuals and touch interface has meant that playing Skylanders on the iPad Pro has become my children’s favorite format.”

“I came to the device expecting it to be unwieldy and bloated for a tablet experience. However, I quickly warmed to the device finding many iOS features coming to life on its generous screen,” Robertson writes. “While it hasn’t yet replaced my desktop computer, there are a new set of work tasks and leisure activity [for which] I now prefer to use the iPad Pro.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Well, lookie here, another good review for iPad Pro!

Reviews for this thing are all over the map, from “the best computer Apple’s ever made” to “After one week, I’m taking it back.”

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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  1. The only really negative reviews I have seen are from those who somehow expect the iPad Pro to be a great replacement for a laptop, or from those who haven’t spent any time using the thing.

    I bought it, I am using it right now, and I really really like it. In no way do I expect it to replace my computer for most professional programs requiring serious power. For spread sheets, so far it has been great. For the limited work I do requiring writing it has been fine. For Internet research it is a real power tool. For media consumption it is by far my favorite device, not too big or heavy for me. I draw a lot for work, so I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of my pencil. I don’t plan to get a hardware keyboard, l am eagerly awaiting an update to the “MyScript Stylus” handwriting recognition app that iOS 9 broke.

    My advice to potential buyers is to read the reviews with an appropriate grain of salt. If you are a design, graphics, media pro, you are going to love it. If you are a consumer who doesn’t need a physical keyboard and rairly opens word processing software then the iPad Pro may work better for you than a computer.

    I do think that someday in the future with fast internet connections something like the iPad Pro could become a mobil screen to a desktop bound machine

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