Apple’s Jimmy Iovine: ‘Women find it very difficult at times to find music’

“Do women find it particularly difficult to discover music?” Music Business Worldwide wonders. “It’s a new one on us, but that’s what Jimmy Iovine claimed today (November 19) on a live interview with CBS in America.”

“As you can watch in the video below, CBS This Morning host Gayle King welcomed Apple Music kingpin Iovine to the studio alongside ‘queen of hip-hop soul’ and Apple Music endorser Mary J Blige. King introduced the show with a new Apple Music TV ad featuring Blige alongside Kerry Washington and Taraji P. Henson – the second in a marketing series featuring the trio,” MBW reports. “King then asks Iovine: ‘What was your thinking?’ The exec replies… ‘So I always knew that women find it very difficult at times – some women – to find music. And this helps makes it easier with playlists, curated by real people. They’re not made by algorithms alone – they’re made by algorithms but with a human touch.'”

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“In today’s sexist garbage: Apple Music executive and longtime music-industry bigshot Jimmy Iovine thinks women are too stupid to find music,” Dee Lockett writes for The Vulture. “ven worse, Iovine spews this nonsense with a straight face while sitting directly next to Blige, who somehow finds enough poise and self-control not to tape his mouth shut. For that, Mary deserves all the awards. And Jimmy deserves an overdue lesson on misogyny in the music industry.”

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In the new Apple Music ad, “the slogan ‘INSTANT BOYFRIEND MIXTAPE SERVICE’ flashes on the screen,” Lyndsey Parker writes for Yahoo News. “The ad makes it unclear if Apple offers an ‘instant girlfriend mixtape service’ for heterosexual male music-lovers.”

“Iovine’s tone-deaf and old-fashioned remarks have, unsurprisingly, received swift retribution on Twitter from both female and male music fans,” Parker writes. “Perhaps the next time Iovine goes on TV, he should just stick to delivering rehearsed one-liners on American Idol.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Uh oh, stirring up the perpetually-on-the-lookout-to-be-outraged-over-the-slightest-thing is a major league no-no in 2015 America, don’t you know, Jimmy?!

You singled out “some women” when talking about a commercial featuring some women using Apple Music. What are you, crazy?!

Obviously, you should have said “some people” instead. Wait, uh oh, “people” might be offensive to music-loving animals. Oh, crap, we just called animals “animals!” (The horror.) We can smell the PETA petition from here. Wait, wait, wait – we DID NOT mean to infer that PETA smells! Well, they smell, you know, collectively. Like, they have noses… No, no, not BIG noses, just regular, normal, unoffensive noses… Nice noses. Verrry nice noses! Well, except for those born without noses (is that a thing?) uh, we mean… Damn, look at how fast this hole gets dug! So-called “free speech” is a fsckin’ minefield, ain’t it?

If he issues a public apology over referring to some women in a TV commercial as “some women,” we’re signing up for the one-way trip to Mars!

Yup, you guessed it, we’ve had enough of this politically correct, over-sensitive horseshit in which the U.S., among other places, is so horrifically, potentially terminally over-steeped.

Here’s the interview which includes the new ad. Please note the context of Iovine’s statements and sign up for Apple Music, will you? The price is a steal for what you get and the UI isn’t really that bad. Most people can figure it out – even “some men.” 😉


    1. I gotta disagree. Complete context of the interview doesn’t do anything for the remark. Marketing to women on the basis of their having different tastes than men is fine, if outmoded, but suggesting that women “have a hard time” finding music is really bizarre.

      1. Correction, the quote is “find it very difficult at times,” not “have a hard time.”

        And the more I think about it, the statement doesn’t become true no matter how broad you make it. The young people have no trouble at all finding music — spotify, pandora, amazon, netflix and a hundred other online services exist and are pretty easy to use.

        The older crowd are split between having no trouble at all and being more reluctant to use the streaming services and tending toward CDs. There is no shortage of online and brick-and-mortar retail CD sales outlets in this country.

        The elderly sometimes find it difficult to HEAR music. Maybe that’s what he meant? There are some gender-based differences in what portion of hearing declines with age, but I don’t think women are any more likely than men to experience hearing loss overall. Women tend to lose more low frequencies and hip-hop is very big right now, so maybe they’re missing out a bit more than the men who have lose their higher frequencies.

        1. Well, I think RC is closer to the truth. Jimmy used the wrong words, but I think his meaning was true. He should have said “some non-techno people” sometimes have a hard time. Instead he used unfortunate word choice, I’ll give him a break, unless he demonstrates further sexism.

          My wife has a hard time finding music, but she is non-techno, and today’s music is digital with technology driven distributions systems. It has nothing to due with her being a woman. My daughters can find music no problem, this has nothing to due to them being women, and everything to do with them growing up with the tech to begin with.

    2. Further, MDN’s overreaction to what it calls PC oversensitivity is kind of weird, too. He says ‘some women’ when referring to an ad featuring ‘some women?’

      Does MDN think Iovine means that Mary J Blige, Taraji Henderson and Kerry Washington specifically have a hard time finding music?

  1. Oh, hey, look, it’s the relation-prone MDN editor, ramming his head further up Apple’s ass than ever.

    MDN fanboy: “Please (…) sign up for Apple Music, will you? The price is a steal for what you get and the UI isn’t really that bad”


    1. Incorrect. You can say whatever you want. Only when you say something stupid expect people to exercise their own right to free speech and pull you up on it. Because otherwise you’re actually saying your voice is the only one that should be heard, which has nothing to do with liberty.

  2. And Jimmy’s career ends in 3………..2……………..1…………………

    You’re gonna lose your magic liberal loon decoder ring for this one!!!! Hope you invested well, because you are now forever personal non grata……………buh-bye!

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