Apple is doomed to fail… or maybe not, say ‘experts’

“Something very strange is going on in business journalism,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“The world’s most valuable company just gobbled up 94% of global smartphone profits, up from 85% a year ago,” P.E.D. reports. “Yet much of the media’s coverage of Apple—especially in the click-hungry corners of blogosphere—is pursuing a narrative that says Apple is doomed.”

“It’s a bizarre disconnect, and it has roused some of Apple’s fiercest defenders to declare open season on the doomsayers,” P.E.D. reports. “It’s not exactly a fair fight, but it’s fun to watch.”

A bunch of examples are covered in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: YKBAID! Uh, if Apple’s “doomed,” we’ll have more “doom,” please!

Apple could do nothing or even screw up pretty much every launch they conduct for about a decade and still rake mountains upon mountains of cash. We’re betting they do neither. We’re betting the best is yet to come. In fact, it’s our opinion that we haven’t seen anything, yet!

Yes, along the way, we do demand as much perfection as possible. We are Apple product users, after all.

My job is to say when something sucks rather than sugarcoat it. – Steve Jobs


  1. I agree with this article, with the caveat that we are certainly seeing now the beginning of the end of Apple all due to Tim Cook’s utter incompetence. Today Apple is able to ride through these Cook led disasters due to the amazing momentum that the Jobs era has produced. Eventually though this will run its course and then Apple will need to rely on Tim Cook’s wit and wisdom. A more empty gun is harder to imagine.

    For the sake of Apple’s future, FIRE Tim Cook!

    1. Even if Cook and his team never match the abilities of Steve and Team, Apple could still do great.

      But perhaps you see some company out there able to scale to Apple’s size and already taking the computer market by storm. Who is that? (I see no such company.)

    2. I’m not going to dishonor the term “Sensei” by addressing you as such, so I’ll call you “Boring Dick Head” instead…

      So, Boring Dick Head, please share with us where your enormous business wisdom comes from… what wonderful company it is that you run and how much is its annual profit.

  2. Remember the days where Apple was lunching a product and they didn’t produced enough. They didn’t align their outsource well? Lunch after lunch, Apple wasn’t able to secure all the parts needed for their product offer.

    Tim was hired especially to solve those issues. He succeded. Now challenge reside on the inside out, Tim as a CEO will get this boat going too. Apple is so big compare to 3 years ago… Stop comparing Apple now with the SJ Apple.

    I know, I know, Steve was the innitiator… I loved the guy. Thing are different now. I feel the difference in the UIUX but hey, when I look around, I am still with the best tech company in the world…

  3. Apple, isn’t going anywhere and they certainly aren’t doomed. They now have more money in the bank than most countries. Microsoft is the perfect example of this. Their monopoly is eroding, they make horrible products no one wants, yet they have plenty of cash. This isn’t like the Apple of 96-97 where the money was almost all gone and they needed a savior. It seems to me that bloggers and “financial experts” still see Apple as that company on the verge of destruction. It is almost comical. Apple turned the financial corner a long time ago, yet at any moment, the whole production is going to shut down. I haven’t seen Apple laying anyone off. Other tech companies… that’s a different story.

  4. Many of these fool analysts think Apple’s sales can’t last and that the numbers are bound to fall off a cliff any year now. They think Apple’s success is dumb luck, which is about to run out.

    That’s because they do not understand the way Apple thinks about product and not profits first. These analysts are paid to think in terms of numbers, so it’s very hard for them, and perhaps risky from a career point of view, to take that leap to talk in terms of how cool and compelling a product may be. Dumb as it is, it’s easier and safer for them to talk numbers because that’s how their fool clients and bosses think.

  5. Apple’s situation highlights the incredible and amazing “staying power” of an entrenched competitor, like MicroSoft, even if its products are generally regarded as second best.

    Yet it seems the tipping point will come soon, if it has not already been passed, when enterprise shall tip substantially towards Apple and away from Microsoft. That trend will start slowly, gather steam, then increase at an increasing rate …until a new equilibrium of Apple in the enterprise is reached.

    Eventually even analysts, business & tech journalists, pundits, and poobahs will see it.

  6. Nobody is perfect.
    No company will last forever, even Microsoft\h\h\h\h\h Apple.
    One thing you can bet on is that the company at the top of the heap will eventually be replaced.

    Not a bad thing for Apple mind you. As screwed up as Microsoft is, they are still near the top of the heap…

  7. Nothing lasts forever. So what? Let’s be real, we’re talking about maybe hundreds of years. Can a commecial enterprise last that long? History says yes. Apple could do it by creating a monopoly protected by the state, which is conceivable. They provide a service essential to the healthy operation of commerce. They lead in high tech through example and imitation. Subtract Apple, and everything goes to seed.

  8. A N A L C Y S T S

    Thank you Philip Elmer-DeWitt who reports for Fortune for rarely being one of them.

    Apparently, sane investment is no longer in fashion in the USA. Now everything is based on WallNut Street coke addict paranoia and mania. I’m betting that I am considerably correct. So don’t laugh too loud. Other explanations for lunatic WallNut Street behavior are always welcome.

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