UBS analyst’s latest ‘research’ note on Apple is just another ‘actionable’ note and should be totally ignored

“A UBS analyst lowered his Apple price target from $150 per share to $140 per share. The report is just another ‘actionable’ research note and should be totally ignored,” Jay Somaney writes for Forbes.

“It appears the UBS analyst is worried about a separate note from Credit Suisse last week. That report cited Credit Suisse teams in Asia who say Apple cut component orders by 10%. (How many “teams” in Asia does UBS have that follow the Apple supply chain?)” Somaney writes. “Basically, you will have a number of analyst who are on the fence as far as Apple as an investment (nothing wrong with that) and are playing the cover your butt – or better known as the CYA – game.”

“By maintaining his ‘Buy’ he can say that he had a buy rating on the shares all along but by lowering his target and raising the same pathetic issue that the CS analyst did, he can say that he did cut his estimates and price target,” Somaney writes. “This will not be the last ‘actionable research’ you see as all the analysts are scrambling for their 2015 bonuses and also playing the CYA game so that they have a contract/job next year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Investors never forget that the sole qualification for becoming a Wall Street analyst is getting hired as a Wall Street analyst.

Apple shares continue to get slammed on commission/bonus related ‘actionable research’ – November 10, 2015
Apple lower after Credit Suisse notes substantial supply-chain cuts – November 10, 2015

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


  1. It is still remarkable, in spite of how totally expected it is, that MDN and its sycophants that dominate this site dismiss any analyses that question the omniscience of Apple and its hapless and totally incompetent CEO. Remarkable indeed. Considering the reality of well things are going with the prematurely released updates to the OS’s and hardware such as the new Apple TV and just about everything else with the possible exception of the phone and even its annual upgrade is announced with far more hype than substance. Such foolish support only encourages more decline into ordinary for the company’s soft and hard products.

    1. Did you know that bovine excrement is useful for fertilizing plants and crops? Dog doodoo isn’t useful for anything and is akin to your diatribes. None of the readers on this site have been able to figure out what is the reason is that you continue to post here. Why not go back to the Android/Microsoft websites and be among friends.

    2. I’ve criticized T.C and Apple on specific issues myself…


      I also look at the fact that Apple just declared $11,100 million in profit last quarter (vs say Amazon with 79 million… )

    3. Jay whoever-the-hell-you-really-are:

      You have crap for reputation around here for an excellent reason: You NEVER make sense or bother to back up your nonsense statement. READ THROUGH just today’s comments, including MDN’s, under the various articles. What you’ll see will in and of itself make you out to be an utter fool. Go on! Get reading!

      You’re just another F-Up troll around here and you just can stop proving it, can you? – – And no, I don’t give a rat’s what you have to say in reply. You’re pointless, except as a target of well deserved ridicule.

        1. Well, I see Jay as representing the troubled conscience of an Apple tribe so busy being pleased with themselves for investing in an upstart firm back in Biblical times, that they allowed themselves to overlook the new King’s bad habits and hubris.

          That’s a notch higher up on the troll spectrum, a bit shrill but not piercing, and not bone-vibrating menacing on the low frequency side. Even yourself, as an inveterate troll-trampler, can distinguish the differences in squishiness when you come down on them.

          Very near to that notch on the troll spectrum occupied by Jay is none other than MDN, whose “Takes” are as shockingly anti-Apple as any troll-like commenter. MDN enjoys the privilege of the Grand Inquisitor: the authority to define and rank the cardinal sins, the moral right of torture in a noble cause, and an exalted stage upon which to perform the eviscerations. I’m just a common citizen but one who preferred old-fashioned blind loyalty to a love that became, somehow, so very highly conditional.

          1. Separating myself from further discussion of Jay…

            I find MDN is a great place for a diversity of opinions about Apple and AAPL. All of us here trip over ourselves in our efforts of expression. I get chastised, occasionally for good reason. I chastise MDN on occasion. MDN has a love/hate relationship with me. We all toss into the ring a wide variety of chastisement toward Apple, when they deserve it.

            But there are those who flitter around in here like sewer flies with rarely a wise word to whisper or shout. Then there are the flocks *DING*-bats from various deceitful sources. We also still get a few stolid trolls as well. We can ignore these foul or take them on, as we choose.

            I’m not into blind loyalty. I opine. If I look like I’m “loyal”, it’s because I actually like something. If I don’t like something I say it.

            In any case, you’ve shown that you are a much better writer than I!

            1. Well, thanks for the compliment. I come here to practice my writing skills. But it’s really you who’s the better writer, because you say what you mean and do whatever it takes to make your message understood—which is the real point of writing.

  2. What has happened to pride, honor, and working to do your very best? These analysts work to create volatility in the stock markets so some 1%er traders can suck more money out of middle class retirement funds, all the while adding zero value to our socioeconomic systems. If you are long on Apple, you should feel comfortable with the performance they are repeating quarter after quarter and year after year and maintain your long position, our get in and stay long and enjoy the ride. If you are a trader, stay out of Apple, the analysts and 1%ers will eat you alive.

  3. It appears the UBS analyst is worried about a separate note from Credit Suisse last week. That report cited Credit Suisse teams in Asia who say… BlahBlahBlah

    It’s a game of hearsay, FUD mongering and gossip.

    These people call themselves ‘professionals’. Not kidding! 😛

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