A designer’s take on the iPad Pro

“The reviews are out on iPad Pro, and they address how big it is, whether it’s worth the price, and whether it can or can’t replace a laptop for average consumers,” Carrie Ruby writes for The Verge. “But as a design director at Vox Media, I was more interested in whether I could run all of the apps I normally use on it.”

“In a lot of ways, the computing devices I use have to feel like extensions of me. I’m always sketching, creating, and ideating on my MacBook Pro,” Ruby writes. “And I don’t regularly use an iPad for work, so the promise of iPad Pro as a device for creatives was particularly intriguing.”

“After using the 12.9-inch iPad Pro at work for a few days, it exceeded my expectations. It’s a high-performance device, for sure. The ability to move from app to app with ease, or use multiple apps at the same time, was key. The way the accessories integrated with the device made it a more useful iPad,” Ruby writes. “But I wasn’t able to perform all my day-to-day tasks on it, and ended up reverting back to my laptop apps on more than one occasion… For designers specifically, there are definitely limitations around working with mobile creativity apps, not fully powered desktop versions. But I hope the apps will continue to improve and match the desktop experiences that I have now. I’m not there yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me if one day I swapped my MacBook Pro for something like the iPad Pro.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This is just a matter of software now. Apple has provided the tools. Now it’s all about the apps.

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  1. 10 minutes with iPad Pro….

    Played with the new iPad atthe local Apple store today.

    It was not as big as I thought it might have been. Good weight, great sound. The pencil felt very like a lead pencil, great weight, length and feel in the hand.

    The downside is clearly the state of the software at the moment. The pencil worked great with notes and one Adobe App. It had no use in iPhoto – couldent be used to do anything at all.

    Pages opened and then crashed at least 6 times so I never got to see if the pencil could be used.

    Mail – I couldn’t get it to do anything – would be great if you could have easily scribbled a handwritten e-mail.

    So in sum, a work in progress and not ready for my cash. I will look again after WWDC 16.

    1. The Apple Pencil would not work like your finger would? I assumed that an app not specially optimized to use the Apple Pencil would still work with the Apple Pencil, but only as your finger would. I NEED that or I don’t want it, I have a music scoring app that would work well if the Apple Pencil would place notes the way my finger would but with better accuracy.

  2. Even the excellent ArsTechnica iPad Pro review shows this device is only half-baked. Why, Apple, can’t you deliver something 100%, instead of always pushing out devices that are only 80%? Microsoftization indeed!

    1. I don’t agree that its half baked. I think the hardware felt great.
      (although I forgot to mention the keyboard is not for me).

      The software for ( using the pencil) as with the original iPhone, is the bit that takes time to build into all the different apps and into new apps.

      This is different from the release of the first iPad which worked from Day One because it was essentially the iPhone software upscaled. The pencil – which is the key new element is the bit I think could be great for all those areas where I currently put down the iPad or Mac and use a piece of paper and pencil.

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