Jim Cramer: Apple stock ‘can’t get out of its own way’

“Apple has reportedly begun discussions with U.S. banks about developing a mobile payments system, but the company’s continual innovation appears to be overshadowed by concern about cell phone demand, TheStreet’s Jim Cramer said on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street this morning,” Rachel Graf reports for TheStreet. “‘Obviously, everyone wants to be in this space,’ Cramer said.”

“The younger generation in particular views online payments services such as PayPal as more relevant than credit cards, Cramer noted,” Graf reports. “His own children call him a T. Rex for using a Hewlett-Packard computer and American Express credit card.”

MacDailyNews Take: It doesn’t get much more dinotastic than rocking a POS Hewlett-Packard Windows PC. (shudder)

“Investors are concerned that iPhone demand is slowing, especially following Monday’s Credit Suisse report,” Graf reports. “This is ‘certainly not demonstrable,’ Cramer said.”

MacDailyNews Take: About that Credit Suisse fomentation, please see:
Apple shares continue to get slammed on commission/bonus related ‘actionable research.’

“Scams” are not “analysis.”

Graf reports, “All of Apple’s innovation is a positive for the company, but the stock ‘just can’t get out of its own way right now,’ he added.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If Apple were fairly valued today, it’d have a market value exceeding $1 trillion.


  1. Mdn .. Right on the money on fair valuation!

    It has just become too easy to manipulate AAPL.

    Apple PR team has to start some seriouse hard work… Changing these bogus fud and narratives allowing manipulation.
    Then on the other hand maybe they dont want to push things till they are done with their buyback? …

  2. Yeah let’s talk about iPhone 7 before people even get to buy phone 6+, becuase you know people are stupid…, they’ll just pass on this one… And while we’re at it let’s spin innovation as desperation, you know just like we do for elections… Let’s make up shit I mean let’s make Apple the villain that’s to blame for all of our lazy greedy motives, people are so stupid they’ll buy into the panic…

  3. “It doesn’t get much more dinotastic than rocking a POS Hewlett-Packard Windows PC”

    Cramer is a multi millionaire and he uses a PC. Problem is many of the big investors including those that run giant mutual , pension funds etc are similar dinosaurs, middle aged dyed in the wool PC Excel users.

    Cramer is an apple stock fan but a lot of those other dinosaurs clinging to their PCs are not. I believe there is emotional issue of those PC users and not logical investor concern about why they won’t buy aapl (i.e like many hard core PC users they DISLIKE apple) .

    For example some years ago I got out of a tech mutual fund at my local bank because in it’s ‘basket’ of stocks it had HP, Dell, RIM, IBM, Msft but NO Apple stock. This was totally bizarre and I can only assume the manager had a personal EMOTIONAL dislike for Apple ( buying apple is like saying his PERSONAL CHOICE of using Windows is wrong), likewise my accountant another staunch PC user who does my taxes every year asked me to sell all my aapl a few years ago .

    I believe part of appl’s dismal performance (P.E way lower than theS&P average) is because these managers prejudices against what they consider ‘the toy company’ and apple’s recent successes have actually increased their dislike. .

      1. “I said several years ago”

        aapl stock was rocketing up at that time. RIM which he had since then has 90% share value lost, Dell was sold and went private, they fired Ballmer from Msft, Nokia collapsed ETC…

        1. For some people seeing something ‘rocket up’ is just as scary as hearing about troubles elsewhere in the tech industry. What goes up quickly may go down just as fast..

          1. I blew up your first argument about the mutual find guy was “really knows what he is doing ” by showing his investing in Dell, HP etc instead of aapl was stupid

            and you come back with more nonsense.

            How do you explain using your arguments why Apple P.E is one third Google’s and about half the S&P average? i.e showing that there is disconnect between Earnings and share price. ? Neftlix , Amazon with crazy P.E’s having been ‘rocketing’ a hell a lot more than Apple, why don’t (according to your argument) do those fund managers avoid them ( ” some people seeing something ‘rocket up’ is just as scary as hearing about troubles elsewhere in the tech industry.”) instead of keep pouring cash into them?

            I can explain the above with my argument of unnatural prejudice of PC using fund managers, how do you explain it with your ‘volatility’ ?

            1. All I’m saying is depending on what this mutual fund was aiming for (aggressive, conservative, growth, income, etc.) there could have been several factors that AAPL didn’t fit for the tech mutual fund that included the others. Simply thinking that it is dislike for a particular company is rather shallow since neither you nor I was in the position he was in nor privy to what info that tech mutual fund manager had at the time.

            2. give up dude I keep blowing up your arguments

              1) that according to you the mutual fund manager was “really knows what he is doing” by investing in dell, RIM a few years ago instead of apple. I pointed out that those stocks blew up.

              2) your argument that fund managers will never invest in aapl not because of irrational prejudice but as ” some people seeing something ‘rocket up’ is just as scary ” YET they invest in Neflix and Amazon etc which have rocket up and have crazy P.E many times more than apple . (so how does your thesis hold up?)

              . Twisting and sliding into OTHER directions when you your arguments are blown up without acknowledging your mistakes make you more clown like . If you actually ‘man up ‘ instead of trying to weasel out of it I’ll actually have modicum of respect for you .

            3. You haven’t blown up anything..

              The point I’m making is that perhaps the fund manager had other reasons. That does not necessarily exclude personal bias as you think I’m trying to say. For point 1, how has that fund been doing since it was created if it still exists.. No fund manager is perfect so there are bound to be stocks that ‘crumble’.

              For point 2, as I mentioned previously we are not privy to the information he had used to make his decisions. People invest with their emotions. Fund managers temper that with P/E numbers and other stock indicators. Does not disprove people shying away from stocks that ‘rocket up’.

              I think it’s a lot harder to prove your argument of ‘unnatural prejudice’ over any other reasons the fund manager had that may include but is not exclusive to ‘hating’ AAPL.

    1. Funny thing is that compared to AMZN, GOOG, MSFT which have institutional ownership (banks, large firms, etc.) of higher than 70%, AAPL has only about 57%.. This means the individual stockholders have more sway in the volatility of AAPL than the other 3.

  4. How ever much the manipulators, dummies and analcysts hold back the price of AAPL, it is going to SPROING! up to its proper value eventually. Right now, AAPL is at 115, which is ridiculous.

    Another excuse to sit back and laugh. 😝😜

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