Here are the best iPad Pro apps to download right now

“The iPad Pro will run all of the hundreds of thousands of tablet-optimized apps in the iOS App Store, but with that big 12.9-inch display, powerful Apple A9X processor, and optional Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, it can run some of them better and faster than any iPad before it,” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore.

“Don’t have an iPad Pro?” Ritchie writes. “No problem! You can run all of these apps on your iPad mini or iPad Air as well!”

Here are the best iPad Pro apps to download right now:
• Procreate 3
• Coda 2
• Astropad
• Microsoft’s Excel
• Umake
• Paper 3
• Adobe Comp
• Omni Productivity Bundle
• Apple’s iMovie
• Apple’s GarageBand
• Apple’s Keynote
• Apple’s Numbers
• Apple’s Pages

Descriptions and links for each app in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Did you get your iPad Pro, yet? How do you like it? Do you have an Apple Pencil or Apple Smart Keyboard on order, too?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “yojimbo007” for the heads up.]


  1. I’m still so irked that Apple saw fit to release the iPad Pro 4-6 weeks before the Pencil and keyboard case are available. Completely pathetic given how much these two “accessories” were touted as going hand-in-hand with the new iPad.

    1. I am irked that people are whining that the iPad Pro was released before its accessories. If that bothers you, just wait a few weeks. It isn’t as if you absolutely cannot,live without the iPad Pro. It was not even available until recently.

      People need to grow up and stop acting as if immediate gratification is a basic necessity.

    2. I don’t get it, bought two iPad Pro’s yesterday and cases and pencils seems to be availble, but sold out, in Liverpool, UK.

      Hope to pick one up today or tomorrow.

      Loving the Logitech keyboard, wife prefers the Apple one but her colour is out of stock when we bought the pads

  2. Got my 128 wifi cellular, pen and smart cover on order. Wish I had the pen, but wpuld rather have the iPad Pro now than wait for customs, fcc approval, or whateverthe fuck is holding them up. No big deal cry babies, it’s worth the wait.

    Restore from backup of iPad Air2 through iTunes, was 4 minutes! Went smooth. This screen is amazing and the size is a natural work environment. The on screen keyboard has extra keys and takes some getting used to but may well be the reason I return my smart keyboard.

    I played with the pencil and Pa-er 53 at the 5th Ave NYC store amd it is unbelievable! Twists, turns and caligraphic charachters are just so fluid and natural, unlike any wacom stylus. It feels natural and is a great controller and navigator for specialized apps instead of a mouse…

    Split screen really shines on the iPad Pro and adds great versatility to multi tasking and work flow.

    iPad Pro is a must for any photographer, graphics oriented people and working professional in addition to being the perfect personal movie screen and personal assistant. It’s fast and solid and will be a work force, modern home and personal standard computing and communication tool.

    iPad rules the world.

  3. PS: Apple’s minimalistic silicon iPad Pro Back and the smart cover, together, work well to protect it from scratching on a flat surface and protect the screen, which will be probanly how most peolpe use it. They are low profile and cool.

  4. FYI, I picked up my iPad Pro last night and reluctantly purchased the Logictech (create) keyboard…but, after the sun went down and the keyboard lit up, i was sold! I love the new iPad Pro and the Logictech keyboard. If you need the backlit keyboard, select this one!

  5. I just picked up my fully loaded iPad Pro today from the local Apple Store after ordering it online. The easiest way to think of the iPad Pro is to imagine that you simply tore the screen off a MacBook Pro of similar size. Outside of that; that’s where the similarities end. Set up for the iPad Pro is the status quo iPad set up chronology. The faster processor, wireless, and much much better speaker system is evident the first time you crank up the volume on this iPad Pro. My primary reason for purchasing this iPad Pro was to give me an additional screen in my home office where I monitor stocks, stock trading, news, and online messaging. The regular iPad is very nice; the iPad Pro is extremely nice and the larger picture is much easier when it comes to reading messages stock quotes and looking at other items as they come across on the Internet. While many people can’t justify getting the iPad Pro right now, I think within the next month people will figure out new uses for the iPad Pro.

    I am not a graphics designer; nor do I work with autoCAD or any of the other architectural engineering software products. I can certainly see where the pencil and the appropriate drafting/design software would be ideal on the iPad Pro. I’ll let the experts in that field give you their opinions and thoughts on the new iPad Pro.

    PS- I arrived today at the Apple Store 30 minutes after it opened. The salesperson I spoke to told me they had already sold 200 iPad pros in the last 30 minutes. I guess that could be considered an indication of the early adopter factor.

    Bottom line, I think you’ll find an extra screen for your office at home or at work to come in very handy. The unique utilization of this larger format iPad is simply in its infancy. Beginning today we will find out what the true uses of the new iPad are.

  6. I gave it a good workout at the Apple Store today, and was impressed. I didn’t walk out with one because of the missing Pencil, but I had no trouble getting used to and liking the the Apple keyboard for it. The Pencil works great, but only a couple of apps are optimized for it, and it really doesn’t work at all for most apps. The Microsoft Surface is much better in this regard, it pen is more integrated across the tablet experience. The Apple Pencil does really seem to be designed for the Adobe apps, at least right now.

    I could easily see this being a laptop replacement for a lot of people.

  7. I was at an Apple store in Atlanta this morning and they had no pens but I ordered one. Just got a call – they got a few in today and I bought it over the phone, going to pick it up now – whooohoooo

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