Horace Dediu reviews Apple’s iPad Pro: Unlike anything we’ve ever seen before

In the video below, Horace Dediu reviews Apple’s iPad Pro.

The full video is worth watching not for the least of watching Dediu toss around thousands of dollars of Apple gear, including the Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro which you do not need and deserves tossing if only because we believe it’s likely that Jony Ive barely bothered to check what the intern to whom he assigned it had perpetrated prior to the thing hitting Chinese assembly lines.

Dediu says that iPad Pro “is a completely different thing. It is an iPad designed for the desk… It’s an ambidextrous iPad, it’s something that requires both hands to take full advantage of it… I believe that its position on the desktop is assured.”

Via Asymco.

MacDailyNews Take: Grippy placemat not included.

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  1. I loved the presentation, especially the post-script ‘good enough’.

    I bet that it is the pencil that is the big deal here. Yes the screen and processor are big deals, but they allow this lag free input device. It’s the pencil.

  2. Horace Dediu inhabiting a desk, and blithely tossing away each generation of unworthy technology with a crash, inescapably reminded me of David Letterman tossing dopey script bits over his shoulder to the sound of shattering glass.

    The only real difference was that Letterman grinned like a jackal the entire time, whereas Dediu remained as deadpan as Buster Keaton.

  3. Great video.

    And able to talk clearly and deeply and succinctly about a product and technology and its uses and future without saying, “Um, yeah, it’s big and its um, yeah, you know…” like so many other unboxers and reviewers on YouTube.

    Great stuff.

  4. What a crock. That is like reviewing a 2 door SUV then a 4-door SUV and saying the 4 door is unlike nothing you have ever seen. Uh, yes it is. In fact it is exactly like to 2 door you just reviewed but bigger. The question with the iPad Pro is not if it is different. The question is if an iPad with a big enough screen and a couple of accessories is a laptop replacement.

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