Here’s what happens to your used iPhone before it’s resold

“When it came time for Caleb Gonsalves to buy a new iPhone earlier this year, he didn’t run to the nearest Apple store,” Shara Tibken reports for CNET. “Instead, he headed to the website of reseller Gazelle to search for a used iPhone 6, saving himself money and the pain of waiting another year for his wireless contract to end.”

“He ended up trading in a 32-gigabyte iPhone 5S for $216 and applied the cash to help pay for a used 64GB iPhone 6 from Gazelle that cost $401. At the time, a new version of that phone would have cost $749,” Tibken reports. “As the US wireless market moves away from traditional two-year contracts, more consumers are upgrading their phones at a faster clip, while looking for ways to do it on the cheap. Device resellers like Gazelle are benefiting from that trend by offering affordable alternatives in used smartphones.”

“Gazelle, based in Boston, got its start offering consumers a place to sell their old or unwanted electronic wares. Last year it opened up an online storefront to sell them back to you, and it has since moved 50,000 iPhones,” Tibken reports. “To see what happens to those iPhones before they reach new buyers’ hands, CNET visited Gazelle’s facility in Louisville, Kentucky, for a behind-the-scenes glimpse.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully irradiation is involved somewhere along the line.


  1. I’ve traded in three iPhones utilizing the services of Every time the service performed as promised. I also chose the Amazon credit option for reimbursement which makes it really simple. You also get about $15-$20 more for your trade in utilizing the Amazon gift card option. Works great and I will continue to use the service as my primary iPhone trade in organization.

  2. Those who are a bit more adept at putting up online ads and dealing with unknown buyers can get much better price selling on CraigsList, even eBay.

    Gazelle does offer a no-brainer convenience of not having to think about anything.

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