Recent hire hints at ‘digital license plates’ for Apple’s electric car project

“Digital license plates are a relatively new concept that could open up the transport industry to an array of new features,” Fred Lambert reports for Electrek. “Beyond the Big Brother-like properties the implementation of the technology could enable, like location tracking or alerts for expired registrations, it could also greatly facilitate fleet management and transfer of ownership – things that are crucial for the future of mobility to embrace autonomous driving and ride-sharing.”

“We learned that among Apple’s hundreds of recent hires with automotive experience, the company hired a veteran software engineer with an expertise in fleet management software and especially digital license plates,” Lambert reports. “Before going to work at Apple as a ‘Secret Agent’ on ‘special projects’ according to his LinkedIn profile, Rónán Ó Braonáin was Director of Engineering at Reviver, a stealth startup working on what Braonáin called ‘the world’s first digital license plate.'”

“Digital license plates could facilitate to process of sharing a vehicle or participating in a subscription based car-sharing program by allocating plate identifications to drivers over vehicles or maybe even a combination of both,” Lambert reports. “Prior to his stint at Reviver, Braonáin spent 5 years as a software engineer at BMW… Also noteworthy, Braonáin worked on BMW’s time-of-charge program for electric vehicles.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Another piece to the puzzle!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. We are living in SaaS (Software As a Service) world for some time. We have clouds, storage and software web based services, etc.

      I can bet that Apple works on something I call personally “Hardware a sa Service” model. Apples “IPhone Upgrade Program” may be the first step toward that model

      Imagine all Apple products as a service. You dont have to buy goods anymore. You can have them for a monthly subscription. You can have the newest generation of every Apple hardware you can imagine.

      No steep price barrier. No dinky retailers. No recycling problems. No servicing problems. No guarantee problems. You just pay for using goods, not having it.

      Imagine how it broadens a market for Apple in low income countries and all emerging markets (China / India / Russia / Eastern Europe)

      Just imagine…

      1. Indeed for an autonomous car it is the only way it would work safely and efficiently I think. But it in general, especially for electric vehicles it makes sense. I remember a few years back the AA claimed it would be cheeper for a majority of drivers to hire cars as they need them, rather than to actually own their vehicles. That has always stuck in my mind as this approaching transformation in cars and in particular Apples involvement has expanded.

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