Apple Pencil review: Hands-on with Apple iPad Pro’s stylus

“Apple’s iPad Pro was unveiled with a brand-new accessory called the Apple Pencil, which in its broadest sense is a stylus, but it’s also much more than that,” Ashleigh Allsopp reports for Macworld.

“It isn’t limited to being a device for just pointing and tapping with like you would with your finger,” Allsopp reports. “Instead, it’s pressure sensitive to help you draw and paint in a manner that can help you achieve natural-looking notes and illustrations in anything from Apple’s simple Notes app to the more professional art and design apps like Procreate and AutoCAD.”

“When you pick it up, it becomes completely natural to start drawing with the Apple Pencil right away, because it so closely resembles the familiar traditional pencil that we’ve grown up using on paper, and it’s super-fast to ensure that there’s no lag to ruin the illusion,” Allsopp reports. “Our first impressions are extremely positive. It’s good-looking, easy to use and very effective, so we can’t wait to use it to create some masterpieces in the near future.”

The Apple Pencil for iPad Pro
The new Apple Pencil for iPad Pro

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MacDailyNews Take:

Apple’s control of the whole widget (hardware+operating system] guarantees as seamless an experience as possible… Control of the whole widget always was, and still is, one of Apple’s main advantages.MacDailyNews Take, April 30, 2006

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  1. I’ve not an artistic bone in my body, and any notes I take I am fine typing or dictating. This does seem great though. If in time they bring it to other devices and it comes down in price I’d definitely be in. At the moment, it is really a pro tool (as the name suggests).

  2. I think I’ll wait until the ‘body o’ the kirk’ gets their hands on the pencil and write real hands on reviews before I go and look at the iPad Pro and pencil.

  3. Saw an ad for Samsh*t showing the stylus doing similar fancy action like the Pencil. People watching that thinks it works just the one from Apple. HA! I can’t wait to see the return rate for the Samsh*t wannabe.

  4. The article states that it takes 15 minutes to charge the Pencil for 30 minutes of use. It take 15 SECONDS for a 30 minute use charge. How could somebody not notice an error of that magnitude? And why does a Mac oriented pub like MacWorld trot out that 2007 quote from SJ about the stylus? You’ve got to believe that anyone writing regularly about Apple would know his remark was in the context of smartphones. His quote has no relationship to an optional pressure sensitive drawing tool for a 13″ tablet screen. My God, get someone other than an intern to write this sh!t.

    1. I skimmed through the article really quick and didn’t notice the big bloopers. Good catch.

      (with ‘Pro’ writers struggling financially due to blogs, writing even in WSJ, NYT etc have deteriorated immensely. Seems like everybody is rushing and cutting editorial staff).

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