Apple showcases its VR dreams with a new U2 video

“So U2 has a new music video. It’s being presented by Apple Music. Neither of these things count as ‘news’ — hell, Bono is the silhouette that signaled ‘Artists’ in iTunes for years,” Angela Watercutter reports for Wired. “There is one reason, though, why you should take note of the ‘Song for Someone’ clip: It’s virtual reality.”

“Created by Chris Milk and his VR company Vrse, the experience—which made a soft debut on an Apple-branded bus outside the band’s London show at O2 Arena this weekend and is now available on the Vrse app — ties together images of the band playing the song in an empty Toronto venue with fans singing the Songs of Innocence track all over the world,” Watercutter reports. “More importantly, it also shows that Apple, one of the largest technology companies in the world and one very focused on creatives, is finally showing public-facing interest in virtual reality.”

“‘It was an amazing experience working with the people at Apple on this project,’ says Milk. ‘[Apple Music head] Jimmy Iovine is, of course, interested in music and innovation and has been a huge supporter of this project from the beginning —and was instrumental in making it come to fruition,'” Watercutter reports. “When asked what the company’s involvement means for its future plans, however, the streaming service’s head of content, Larry Jackson, would only give a ‘no comment.’ Jackson, though, did allow that Apple’s support for the piece ‘signals and symbolizes something,’ adding that Apple Music is already working on a similar partnership with Vrse to make a ‘post-apocalyptic action film’ in VR for the band Muse.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Check out the Vrse app via the App Store here.


      1. One of the best examples back then when it was either objects or moving about a room, some university setup a giant camera rig on a basketball court and got a shot of a slam dunk that you could see from every angle. That opened some eyes back then.

    1. Oh and isn’t it a bit deceitful to *ding*-down the correction of misinformation in an article? You *ding*-bats don’t like the fact that Apple is THE largest technology company in the world? It’s actually THE largest company in the world. Does that make you wet your pants? Or are you just here to troll?

      Why I’m glad Apple is the largest company in the world: It means that real, positive capitalism works. It puts to SHAME all the parasitic companies that rot in their disrespect for their customers, which is how it should be.

      1. Looks like the “Chinese Apple Watch down voters” hit this story.

        I’m sure MDN can look over server reports to see what country IP addresses are hitting their site. Might be time to just block them.

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