Apple Retail Stores to start selling new Apple TV this Friday

“The new Apple TV went on pre-order via Apple’s online store earlier this week, and priority deliveries will begin this Friday while standard shipments will begin arriving after this upcoming weekend,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“Now, we’ve learned that Apple is planning to begin selling the new set-top-box at its retail stores this Friday,” Gurman reports. “Apple retail employees say that stores are beginning to receive shipments to sell at the end of this week, while stores will be re-organized overnight on Thursday to promote the new Apple TV in stores on Friday.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: So, it’s possible to get it from the physical store first, as most preorder shipping times are stating November 2-4. Of course, those shipment times can and often do move up as we get closer to the date(s), so we’ll see.

Did you preorder or will you be trying to get your new Apple TV(s) from an Apple Retail Store?

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  1. Are people expecting the Apple TV to sell out? Or lines like for iPhone? I was just planning to stroll into the local Apple Store or Best Buy and grab one over the weekend.


    1. I would guess it’ll probably be that easy. It’s a device that will sell very well but shouldn’t experience the crush of initial demand like iPhones. I’m looking forward to it but have so much stuff to look at right now with screeners I can afford to wait.

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