What to watch for in Apple’s Q415 earnings

“Apple Inc. is set to report fourth-quarter earnings after the market’s close on Tuesday,” Jennifer Booton reports for MarketWatch. “Analysts expect Apple to report earnings per share of $1.88, up from $1.42 in the year-earlier period… Apple has surpassed the FactSet consensus in the last 11 consecutive fiscal quarters.”

“Sell-side analysts expect Apple to report revenue of $50.9 billion, according to FactSet, up from $42.1 billion in the same period last year,” Booton reports. “In July, Apple forecast revenue between $49 billion and $51 billion.”

Booton reports, “While analysts are mostly optimistic on Apple heading into this quarter — Stifel raised its fourth-quarter 2015 and first-quarter 2016 estimates on iPhone average selling prices this week, citing demand for Apple’s higher-priced and bigger-screen iPhones — there are a few outliers worried about iPhone sales, especially given the comparison with 2014’s record-breaking year for device sales and the company’s reliance on China, which economy proved fragile last quarter.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s conference call to discuss fourth fiscal quarter results is scheduled for Tuesday, October 27, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. PT / 5:00 p.m. ET. As usual, we expect earnings results after market close, right around 1:30pm PDT / 4:30pm EDT.

We’ll bring you the results as soon as they are available and follow that up with live notes from Apple’s conference call. Check our home page around 4:30pm EDT for the results and around 4:45pm EDT for the link to our live coverage.

On July 21, 2015, Apple provided the following guidance for its fiscal 2015 fourth quarter:
• revenue between $49 billion and $51 billion
• gross margin between 38.5 percent and 39.5 percent
• operating expenses between $5.85 billion and $5.95 billion
• other income/(expense) of $400 million
• tax rate of 26.3 percent

Apple to release Q415 earnings, webcast live conference call on October 27th – October 8, 2015


    1. Yup, Apple is taking a beat-down today and I don’t see any articles saying why. I know someone is going to say Apple has run up too much into earnings or Apple’s risk factor is too high. Screw it. Maybe I’m simply not smart enough to understand what’s going on. I’m looking at Apple conservatively and I don’t think I’m getting carried away. It honestly seems to me the factors that work for other companies’ shareholders don’t seem to work for Apple shareholders. Exactly what happened internally to the trillion dollar market cap Apple over the past couple of years? Nothing that I can see.

  1. Don’t let the whisper numbers hit you on the head as Apple tanks. I’m just jealous over how the wonder companies of Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft always seem to please investors and Apple never does. How can Apple keep making unfavorable business decisions that hurt shareholders when they have as much means or more than any other those other three companies to crush earnings? How did Apple get the greediest bunch of investors on the planet.

    I can somewhat understand Amazon and Alphabet but Microsoft making a 10% earnings gain is simply too much for my mind to grasp. Microsoft is really not doing much better than it was a year ago. No way is Microsoft fundamentally a better company than Apple.

    1. In the end, all that matters to most investors is that they make money. If they find a formula that says “sell before the Apple earnings report” and “buy back in after the drop” and it works fairly consistently, then that is what they will do. And if that pattern is reinforced by speculators selling short and manipulating the market “news” (unfounded rumors and FUD, for the most part) to support a pump and dump, then the pattern becomes even more entrenched.

      People hate to lose money, so everyone is primed to jump out of AAPL, hopefully right before the rush and the drop. If you time it right, you can generally make some money each quarter and boost your returns. If not, then you lose, and there is a loser for every winner.

      Market patterns almost inevitably die off. Given solid earnings and growth, AAPL will eventually rise.

    1. Well, Spank my G, i don’t think they ever will, but still my $4.90 shares are still worth holding on to, since there have been many periods of malaise in the past, only to be followed by meteoric rises and there seems to be a bit of spring in the present price, we’ll see over the next few quarters if the FUD can hold back the price, I am just glad Apple has this opportunity to buy AAPL at the low price it has available now, since i am in it for the long haul and it WILL break free of the FUD as time goes on

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