Benchmarks prove Microsoft’s claim that Surface Book is twice as fast as 13-inch MacBook Pro misleading

“When Microsoft launched its first full-on laptop, the Surface Book, it made a big point of claiming that the machine was twice as fast as a 13-inch MacBook Pro,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac. “Benchmark tests by PCWorld show that this claiming is misleading, though the dedicated graphics card available in certain models does pay off for some uses.”

“The site’s tests showed that in pure CPU benchmarks, the MacBook Pro was actually slightly faster than the Surface Book. This remained true for GeekBench 3 tests, which simulate real-life usage,” Lovejoy reports. “Where the Surface Book started to pull ahead – though still a long way short of Microsoft’s claims – was in benchtests involving processing tasks that can be shared with the GPU.”

Lovejoy reports, “While the 13-inch MacBook has an integrated GPU, the particular model Surface Book PCWorld tested had a dedicated GPU, so unsurprisingly performed better here.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft’s desperation revealed for all the world to see.


  1. Apple should stay out of the CPU power pissing contest and deliver on quality, software/hardware integration, and user experience. The days of comparing CPU cycles ended with Apple ditching PowerPC for Intel.

  2. Who cares, true or false; nobody in their right mind wants to run a yesteryear Windows operating system at any speed, or any price, on any bloody hardware!!

    1. It’s 2015. All grown up, no need to use the terms Windoze, Samdung, even “Wintel.” I agree, however, that they all suck. I wouldn’t feel safe or comfortable with any of those products and devices. IBM now realizes what I knew for many years working as a Mac tech specialist in a cross-platform environment: Apples are far safer, more reliable, and easier to support. There was one of me and a squadron of PC guys- 1000 Apple products and 1000 PC’s.

  3. Trying to make Microsoft’s claim that their laptop is twice as fast as 13″ MBP. Implies that this is Hulk Hogan, vs Granny Clampett.

    This famous Hollywood mistake is going to bight them, because we know Granny is stronger than everyone due to all that moonshine.

    What a maroon

  4. I use Windows every day.
    It’s the OS used as a target in my hacking and countermeasures class.
    We hack into it using metasploit because it has vulnerabilities that can be exploited over the network.
    It is a great OS.

  5. People can flame me but one problem of Msft getting away with mis representations is that Apple (as I’ve posted numerous times in the last five years) does NOT advertise or market Macs or try to inform consumers about Mac advantages.

    there hasn’t been a serious Mac or OSX advertising campaign since Mac/PC guy (66 different ads in 4 years) more than half a decade ago.

    When I went to Best Buy there was small crowd at the Microsoft table playing with Surface tabs (I don’t know whether they were the new ones or not as I don’t care about Msft products) but it was just after Msft’s announcements, meanwhile the Apple tables were empty.

    Apple doesn’t run ads to counter Msft’s mis representations of double speed of Win 10 superiority etc , in fact Apple did NOT run ANY ads at all (unless you count the anemic Macbook ‘stickies’ ads) in all the YEARS Win 8 was floundering.
    (not attacking sucky Win 8 was the biggest missed Apple opportunity ever)

    When you ask a box retailer’s rep “what’s the difference between OSX and Windows’ they’ll tell you “Nothing except you get more software with Windows”

    If Apple doesn’t PRE EDUCATE consumers with advertising, all Mac and OSX advantages (hundreds of millions of R&D dollars) are wasted on the majority of consumers (those who don’t read MDN etc).
    Two years ago My local Walmart sales guy standing next to Thunderbolt equipped Macs did not even know what Thunderbolt was .. (they didn’t carry the cables or mini D so no way to connect the MacBooks they sold to external monitors!). Without marketing campaigns even the sales guys are ignorant.

    Apple does not advertise macs although Macs are more profitable than the whole of Dell or Acer or Lenovo. And Macs have smaller market share than iPhones meaning they have room to grow. Apple doesn’t even seem to have Web ads! When I search Apple fan sites i see Acer etc Ads! Really sad and baffling, besides lost income one reason Apple stock is so undervalued is that big investors complain Apple is a ‘one product iPhone company’ (pushing Macs would have helped).

  6. MS: “It’s, uh, twice as fast as the MacBook Pro we had on our desk back when we started thinking about the product. I think the MBP was about a year old at the time. It’s not, uh…, we never meant to mean twice as fast as the MPB that you can buy when we finally release the Surface Book. We’re sorry for the confusion.”

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