Attacking Apple by proxy

“So shortly before I wrote this column, I read an article from one blogger usually critical of Apple that quoted another blogger critical of Apple as if that was something significant,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “The main focus was iOS 9 and the perceived problems with the latest and greatest mobile operating system from Apple. The complaints were typical. Poor touch sensitivity, losing Wi-Fi connections, app crashing and decreased battery life. As I said, the usual range of complaints one hears.”

“Now I’d be the last to say that iOS 9 was problem free out of the starting gate. But as of Wednesday, Apple has released three updates, with the first, 9.0.1, arriving just one week after the original release. 9.0.2 arrived the following week. Three weeks later, we’re at 9.1,” Steinberg writes. “So Apple has been busy, and each release fixed bugs and added some enhancements.”

“It’s not even certain whether [these two bloggers have even] tried the iOS 9 updates, and certainly they didn’t try the latest unless they are developers or members of the public beta program,” Steinberg writes. “What bothers me the most is not that they are skeptical or frightened of iOS 9. That’s their privilege. But a good reporter would or should look for trends, rather than the problems reported by a single user. Or at least that’s what I’d do.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Anti-Apple FUD is, at its core, always disingenuous.


    1. Yeah, I’ve even been running the betas, and since about #4 things were pretty good. NO issues on iPads and iPhones and iPods in the house – and we have a lot of them.
      Of course there’s tons of BS out there – and it happens with Macs too. If you can’t beat ’em with a good product, BS the ‘net dweebs with lies. Then, the MSM picks it up and all of a sudden, you have a -gate. Whatever. Just ignore.

  1. Paid bloggers, bloggers with an agenda, bloggers who just enjoy stirring the pot. That is just what you get on the Internet. You have to use your own mind and check a lot of sources before you know what to believe.

    Unfortunately in today’s world there are no completely reliable news sources, they are all colored by where they get their money, and/or their ideology.

  2. There’s also attacking by ignoring, something outlets like TNYTimes and Forbes are, probably, editorially directed to be- witness this truly obscene article in the Times- – as there is no reason, besides manic bias (or, yeah well, copious payola) that this article _never once_ mentions the Watch, and somehow insists Microsoft did the whole ‘looking to the future’ thing first. I almost literally puked.

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