Why Apple’s stock price is higher today

“Apple shares are higher on Tuesday after CEO Tim Cook announced positive figures for Apple Music subscribers and said that Apple TV modernized the television as a medium, the Wall Street Journal reports,” U-Jin Lee reports for TheStreet.

“So far, the tech giant’s streaming music service has a total of 15 million users — 6.5 million paying subscribers and 8.5 million users on three-month trials,” Lee reports. “‘I’m really happy about it, and I think the runway here is really good,’ Cook stated.”

“Additionally, Apple plans to start shipping its fourth generation Apple TV on October 30,” Lee reports. “Regarding the Apple Watch, Cook did not reveal sales figures, however, he said that he predicts the company will ship even more in this quarter than it did the last quarter.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The new Apple TV is many things, but it has not “modernized the television as a medium” (whatever that means) – yet.

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  1. ok, nothing to do with stock value ..but since i’ll never find an appropriate spot …i’ve upgraded to el capitan and still ..if i have apps and their respective windows on different desktops 1, 2 and 3 and then log out …when i log back in, every app and its window is on desktop 1. kinda annoying since i use this quite a lot ..i was really hoping it was fixed in 10.11 but alas…

  2. Nice that Apple is getting such large subscriber numbers for Apple Music.. Now to put it in perspective what is the current user base and what was their target percent of that user base that is able to make use of Apple Music?

  3. “The new Apple TV is many things, but it has not “modernized the television as a medium” (whatever that means) – yet” —MDN

    Correct. Television as a medium cannot be considered “modernized” until there is far less trash on tv. Streaming internet tv can be part of what it takes to improve the quality of tv broadcasting, but it can’t solve this problem all by itself.

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