Japan’s largest AEC firms going ‘all iPad,’ standardizing on Apple’s iOS

“Last week I had been in attendance at Graebert’s Annual Event held each year in Berlin, Germany,” Anthony Frausto-Robledo reports for Architosh. “The global CAD company is not well known (yet!) in the United States but is an emerging force on a grand scale within global CAD markets spanning both AEC [Architecture Engineering and Construction] and MCAD [Mechanical Computer-Aided Design] markets.”

“One of the more fascinating tidbits of information coming out of this event for key global customers, users and press, is the news that in Japan the majority of the five largest AEC mega-companies are rapidly standardizing around iOS and iPads for tablets in the architecture, engineering, construction and operations (AECO) industry,” Frausto-Robledo reports. “This news comes at the expense of Google’s Android. And in Japan, where the AEC industry very much works from the top down, the ascendency of iOS may emerge rapidly.”

“Graebert Japan’s Yoji Ebata explained to me what is happening on the ground in the building design and construction market in Japan, saying, that iPads are far in a way becoming the ‘dominant platform for tablets in Japanese AEC market.’ Companies like Obayashi have well over 1000 iPads deployed. And Kajima Corporation also has over 1000 iPads deployed,” Frausto-Robledo reports. “Mr. Ebata noted that when company founder Wilfried Graebert came to Japan back in April of 2015 they met with several big construction companies, including Obayashi, Kajima and Taisei, among others, to promote Graebert’s ARES Touch on Android. ‘But every company we visited,’ stated Mr. Ebata, ‘said, ‘can your product run on iPad?””

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  1. I am counting days to when i can use a full fledged 3d modeling and animation application on my ipad pro … No compromises !
    If it can do that.. It can do anything..
    That will be the day 👍🏻🙏😎
    But but but…. iOS Badly Needs a VISIBLE AND MANAGEABLE FILE SYETEM ! For pro work.. The present state of ios and files and icloud is (Imho) Incoherent, dismal and huge handicap !

    1. In the 3D CAD world companies like Onshape are truly challenging the notion of the need for “files” and file management. Your designs live in the cloud, accessible at any time, support versioning, iteration, etc.

  2. Boy, if I could run SolidWorks on an iPad that would be a tricked out iPad.

    I won’t even think about it though, until SolidWorks can run on OSX and I don’t know if that is going to happen, except in BootCamp.

    1. Sadly, the Solidworks folks are even walking back support for their product running on a Mac running Windows. This is unfortunate, since Solidworks on a 27-inch Retina iMac would be a very cost-effective workstation.

  3. There are so many benefits to running iOS over Android it is not hard to see why it would be dominating business. Single vender point of contact is huge, your OS and Hardware come from one source so any issues and you only have one person to deal with no passing the buck between software company saying it’s a hardware problem and hardware saying it’s software. Security any and all fixes come straight form the maker not middle man. Product life cycle, iPad are able to stay current i.e. latest software and security updates so the usable life cycle is longer leading to lower coast of ownership.

  4. What’s strange is why so many people claim an iPad is too weak to run any robust applications and it’s being said that’s why everyone will be buying the Microsoft Surface instead of an iPad. I thought I’d heard Apple’s A10 processor will be as powerful as an Intel i5 processor. I suppose it really depends on how much power is needed to run a specific application. I guess the more powerful the better if you need to save time.

    It’s just that people make such broad generalizations about how much processing power you need to get a specific job done. Microsoft keeps saying users need the power of a desktop everywhere. I’m just glad at least some companies can use iPads instead of Surface Pros. Wall Street is backing Microsoft’s Surface Pro so Apple is going to need to do a lot of convincing to change their minds.

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