Apple updates Pages, Keynote, and Numbers for iOS + OS X with Split View, 3D Touch, and more

“A little later than some expected, Apple has released new versions of the iWork suite of apps for iPhone and iPad with iOS 9 and iPhone 6s features,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac.

“Pages, Keynote, and Numbers now all support iPad multitasking features including Split View on iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, and iPad Pro, as well as 3D Touch on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus,” Hall reports. “The iWork apps also gained new versions on the Mac with OS X El Capitan features and much more.”

In the full article, Hall provides release notes for:
• Pages 2.6 for iOS
• Keynote 2.6 for iOS
• Numbers 2.6 for iOS
• Pages 5.6 for OS X
• Keynote 6.6 for OS X
• Numbers 3.6 for OS X

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Wow These are strong point releases. If you’re still using MS Office and not using Pages, Numbers, and/or Keynote, you’re missing out! Give them a try or another look if you haven’t checked them out lately.


  1. Pages STILL does not support side-by-side viewing of pages and the linking of text boxes like the old version did. There are many of us who used Pages as an inexpensive but highly functional layout tool.

    Now it’s mostly a dumbed down Word processor that supports gestures but just not as useful as the old one was.

    Vertical integration is not as useful when the horizontal functions are lacking.

    1. My wife used Pages to produce several long, lovely newsletters each month for non-profits that didn’t need and couldn’t afford the Adobe and Quark page layout products. Overnight, Apple exchanged Real Pages for a New Pages that did not support essential features like linked text boxes (i.e., “Continued on page 3”). There was also a complete change in file format, orphaning all her existing work. Since the old format was proprietary, no third party could come in to replace Real Pages with a program that could read her existing files.

      She basically got out of the business and the newsletters went out of production, replaced by ugly and nearly unreadable blogs. All of this was accompanied by assurances from all and sundry on MDN that the missing features were either unnecessary or would be quickly replaced in an update. Two years later, and any number of updates later, the missing features are still missing.

      1. Of course she kept a copy, but only a foolish person would continue to produce new content with an orphaned program. It only increases the amount of work product that will ultimately have to be abandoned because there is no way to move it into a current application. At least when Adobe dropped PageMaker their new program could read existing files (including the links and other formatting). For two years, New Pages didn’t read old files at all. Even with this upgrade, it still flattens all the unsupported structures.

        There are already Old Pages features like integration with the iPhotos database that have gone away. Inevitably, more and more features will stop working with each OS upgrade until the program ceases to work entirely, except on old hardware running old software. Better to cut one’s losses before they become unmanageable.

        1. Yes had the same problem with iWeb a real pain that has effectively stopped me doing web work. However could you not export pages files as Word docs and open and save them as Word docs thereafter. Will new Pages not open those once saved, I have not tried that last bit so don’t know.

        2. I’m with you up to a point. I agree that the loss of linked text boxes is a huge problem. However, the new version apparently can now open files from older versions they are not orphaned.

          I still use Pages ’09 a lot. I’m trusting that Apple will do the right thing and bring back linked text boxes. I may be wrong but there is precedent for this.

  2. Apple FINALLY includes compatibility with older iWork versions (2006, 2008). Unfortunately it should have been included on the start and I am not sure if I should laugh or cry.

    Compared to iWork 09 current versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote are seriously lacking and with current progress they might have comparable feature set in about 7 years.

    Needles to say I am still using iWork 09 and I have no intention to “update” to inferior product!

  3. Apple user since 1983, Mac user since 1988.
    Content creator, web development and motion graphic developer. All created with 3rd party apps.
    Haven’t used any of the above mentioned Apple apps for about 3 years due to lack of useable functionality.
    In fact, not sure why I am replying to this article.
    Except to make a point to Apple.
    Appleworks from 1980’s-1990’s ? was incredibly useful…after that………

    1. And my favorite from that era – the WYSIWYG web editor. I don’t even remember its name anymore. Still better for *basic*, clean HTML than almost anything since, and it just got dumped. (I know, hardly anyone wants anything *that* basic anymore, but if it just handled CSS, it would still be a very valuable place to start today.)

      ClarisWorks was my best friend back in the day.

  4. MDN. I think you need to re-evaluate your comment. These applications are still unable to perform basic tasks 3rd party apps do and are well behind the capacity of ClarisWorks 30 years ago.

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