Struggling Samsung to see first-ever year-over-year drop in smartphone shipments in 2015

“Samsung Electronics is still likely going to wind up as the world’s largest smartphone maker by volume this year, but according to research firm TrendForce, it likely will actually see total shipments decline on a total year-over-year basis for the first time,” Phil Goldstein reports for FierceWireless.

“TrendForce noted that numerous OEMs unveiled their next-generation flagship devices ahead of the iPhone 6s announcement in September, including Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5, Huawei’s Mate S and Sony Z5 series,” Goldstein reports. “‘Consequently, much of this year’s growth momentum in the smartphone market was concentrated in the third quarter,’ the firm said, adding that it estimates that worldwide smartphone shipments in the third quarter grew 9.1 percent from the second quarter, totaling 332 million units.”

Apple's new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
Apple’s new 4.7-inch iPhone 6s and 5.5-inch iPhone 6s Plus

“‘Samsung has lost much of its shares in the low-end to mid-range markets to Chinese competitors,’ TrendForce, a global research firm with analysts in Taipei, Shenzhen and Shanghai, said in a statement. ‘TrendForce therefore anticipates that the vendor will see its first ever decline of annual smartphone shipments in 2015, with a 1% year-on-year drop and around 323.5 million units shipped,'” Goldstein reports. “The firm thinks Apple, now the No. 2 smartphone player [in terms of units shipped], will see its iPhone shipments grow 16 percent globally this year to around 223.7 million units.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Gee, that’s too bad. 🙂

It’s best not to mess with karma. – Steve Jobs

Keep warm, now, shameless Samsung.


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  1. Who cares about units shipped, what matter is who got the best profits, individuality, ecosystem. Samsung, how well is your Tizen OS going, haven’t hard about it for a long time now. Your Tizen silence is defeaning me and its hurting my ears. 🙂 😆

  2. Samsung have always used shipped figures to fool people into thinking that they’re talking about actual sales. If the number of shipped Samsung phones is falling, then just how bad are the actual sales figures? Samsung has traditionally done all sorts of promotions when they think that sales could do with a bit of a boost and those promotions can negatively affect sales and profits..

    Ironically, the current profits for Samsung are being attributed to their contract to build ( second rate ) chips for Apple’s iPhones and they tried to avoid talking about how much profit their phone division is making.

    Tim Cook knows that Samsung really needs that contract to build chips for Apple, so I would expect that the next round of negotiations will be very tough for Samsung, especially as everybody now knows that TSMC are making better versions of those chips.

    1. Samsung’s MO is to jump on the bandwagon and make quick short term profits. They have done that with the smartphone and now other competitors are squeezing them from the top (Apple) and from the bottom (Chinese manufacturers).
      They have done that with every industry they have been in.

    2. Actually Samsung doesn’t disclose numbers. Except of course for the occasional “10 million sold in the first month!”

      All the shipment numbers you read about are estimates based on industry indicators. Apple gives both sales figures and shipment figures; via how many are left in the channel at the end of the quarter. In fact, I think Apple may be the only company that does.

  3. I am all for slamming Samsung for copying, but a realistic assessment is:

    1) They are making huge profits still despite growth stalling. Probably the only company in the world that makes their profits look small is Apple.

    2) They got these huge profits by following the iPhone quickly, while non-followers such as Nokia and Blackberry went from being the big players to near zero.

    So there may be a time that Samsungs phone division does poorly, but right now the only reason this quarters shipments, revenue and profits look bad is compared to Apple or their own huge numbers from the last couple years.

    This is not an endorsement of Samsung, but of maintaining a connection with reality.

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