Slavish copier Samsung races to knock off Apple’s ‘3D Touch’ in Galaxy S7

“It may be six months before we see the Samsung Galaxy S7, but rumors are already appearing that it’ll have a screen similar to those in Apple’s new iPhones,” Scott Webster reports for CNET.

“According to an I Ice Universe account on Weibo, a popular Chinese social network, Samsung has tapped Synaptics to use its ClearForce technology to respond to various levels of screen pressure, similar to the 3D Touch on Apple’s recently launched iPhone 6S,” Webster reports.

Webster reports, “Like 3D Touch, the future S7 would provide contextual menu options in response to light and heavy screen presses.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Shameless Samsung is nothing but a den of increasingly desperate thieves.

Hopefully, Apple’s patents mean something and can protect Apple’s investments in R&D for a change.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Edward W.” for the heads up.]


    1. Haven’t checked into MDN in awhile. Did it change ownership? The MDN takes seem a little off. The takes seem to mimic the spirit of the old takes but don’t seem to be coming from the same person.

  1. I expect there to be zero apps that support this at launch, except perhaps for something lame whipped up by Samsung to demonstrate. Which version of Android supports this? Since it’s the lone bit of hardware to have it, I suspect there isn’t a version to support it. It’ll be on BOGO before the quarter is done.

  2. Apple says they spent years perfecting this technology, lets see how well Samsung is able to implement it in a much shorter timeframe. Besides the usual thoughts of “yet another copycat from Samsung”, I kinda expect that it will be half-heartedly implemented like their other copied features were. Touch ID anyone?

    1. Samsung isn’t perfecting anything. They are just buying ClearForce from Synaptics.
      They then need to shoehorn some software into Android to try and make it work. Not system wide, but just enough to claim that they have it on their phones.

  3. Copying going on by these IP thieves…? I’m shocked! SHOCKED!!!

    But something tells me they’re going to have a difficult time getting the hardware and software interaction just right. The GOOG still has to weight in with I/O updates to Android. This ain’t going to be so easy for Samesung.

  4. Yawn… Samsung have no choice but to copy Apple since their own attempts at innovation have been pathetic.

    It won’t help them. Apple may have largely failed to protect their patents, but the publicity around the world damaged the Samsung brand.

    Common conversation around the world:

    A: do you have an iPhone?
    B: nah, Samsung
    A: oh, sorry about that

    iPhone to iPhone calls and messages are encrypted end to end with a key to which Apple has no access. Smart iPhone users are now checking with their friends to find out if their conversations are secure. If the US authorities can tap private communications then so can the Chinese and the Russians. If you are in business and your dealings are sensitive then you need an iPhone. Others will have different reasons for wanting to keep their info private.

  5. MDN – “Hopefully, Apple’s patents mean something and can protect Apple’s investments in R&D for a change.”

    Not if Denise Cote has anything to say about it.

  6. Same nonsense from Samsung as with their attempts at coming up with an equivalent to Touch ID; that has not happened and nor will 3D Touch. Reason: At the time of Touch ID introduction, Apple inc. clearly stated that it had been some 7 years in the making; same point was made about 3D Touch, plus this is a careful orchestration and melding of hardware and software …. Good luck Samsung and any other competitor on replicating a “magical” 3D Touch experience!!

  7. So Shamsung still thinks it’s perfectly fine to copy the IPof others. Surprise, surprise! I’ve promised myself to never buy a Shamsung product ever – be it a TV, microwave or whatever. I encourage you to do the same. Shamsung are assholes!

    1. Not an easy goal when they’re one of the largest chip fabricators in the world. You’d have to stop buying almost all electronics, including all Apple products. And chips are their most profitable commodity, avoiding their appliances and other consumer products will hurt them, but only a little since they barely make any profit on them anyway.

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