Apple’s iPhone 6s/Plus experiencing slower uptake than iPhone 6/Plus

“Two independent firms have data that indicate Apple’s iPhone 6s is experiencing a slower uptake than last year’s iPhone 6 models,” Chuck Jones writes for Forbes. “This isn’t too surprising since this is the second year with the same form factor iPhone. However since Apple has a larger install base this will help mitigate a slower uptake.”

“One mitigating factor is that Apple’s iPhone install base is larger than a year ago. While its not quite an apples to apples comparison since not all iPhones are still in use a year ago Apple had sold 551 million iPhones by June 2014. As of June 2015 that number had grown to almost 774 million or 40% higher,” Jones writes. “The iPhone 6s is 2.6% of iPhones in usage vs. at the same time post launch last year when the iPhone 6 was at 3.9%. The iPhone 6s Plus is not trailing the iPhone 6 Plus uptake as much from a year ago. This year’s 6s Plus is at 0.8% vs. last year’s 1.0% for the 6 Plus. In total the two 6s’ models are at 3.4% vs. 4.9% for the iPhone 6.”

Read more, and see the graphs, in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Makes sense.


  1. I use to upgrade every year. I really wanted the 6s this year. But I’ve decided to upgrade every other year now. I’ve added the watch to my line up. I own most of apples product lines. I can’t afford to upgrade everything every time.

  2. I’m thinking of getting the iP6S+. My current phone is iPh5c and it’s always lost, my dog loves the leather case and likes to hide it. And since I don’t really need to use the phone (I use Apple Watch, iPad and MacPro), I need to ping it to find where it is. The bigger iPhone would actually be useful on my home office desk and I would not leave it in the bedroom.

  3. I went from a 5s to a 6 last year. While the phone has been fantastic, I have struggled with my eyes focusing even though the 6 sceen was a big improvement. I decided to order a 6s+ this year to help with the vision issues and pass the 6 to my sig-other so she can go from a 5c to a 6. I’m looking forward to the 3D touch feature as well. I also love using ApplePay where I can. So far it seems to be limited to Walgreens, McDs, & Petco in my area. It is still the fastet way to pay that I’ve found and having rewards cards added in the future will make it even better.

  4. Plans have to upgrade isn’t an easy decision anymore due to all the new options..not a bad thing..but may keep people from just jumping in. As for myself, I’d have to switch to a completely different plan just to upgrade my wife’s phone. Gone are the days where I roll over in bed and preorder the latest iPhone. I betcha the plan changes have some impact on orders.

  5. This is normal, many people buys an iPhone because it is fashionable, since there was no external changes, those people prefer to keep the same model.
    I’m still with the iPhone 5c and even that I would love to have the latest, I can’t since I am saving for the iPhone 7 since I have to buy 3 of them (me and family) so I can’t afford to buy every new model.

  6. What’s odd of course is that the initial sales of the 6S series broke Apple sales records.

    Then this psychic swami click bait shows up?

    And for all the factors discussed in the article, how about the point that very few people, relatively speaking, upgrade their iPhone every year. If you’re on a typical two-year service contract, that’s a little bit difficult to do. And this IS the second year of typical two-year contracts, seeing as Apple magically releases the same series of phones for two years, for this very reason.

    There’s reality. Then there’s stuff people make up in their heads that short shrifts reality because it’s easier that way.

    1. With supply constraints, how can you quantify uptake, when Apple sells every phone they make? How can you judge demand? The wait lines for 6S Plus are so far out, AT&T, has nothing to sell or replace defects.

      1. Reading is fun! Slower uptake is in terms of percentages, because the installed iPhone base is so much bigger in 2015 than in 2014. I assume you either didn’t read it, or your reading comprehension is like a tread on me flag flier’s (i.e. abysmal).

      2. We’re seeing the usual FUD mixed in with the usual happy, shiny, smiley Apple news. It all gets sorts out when the numbers arrive. Typically, FUD is used for short term manipulation, which is obviously someone’s priority regarding AAPL, which is ridiculously low relative to value and Apple’s future prospects. I figure there’s also the retribution factor from lousy-ass companies and ticked off parasitic investors who are sick and tired of Apple being the single best and most successful company on the planet, making every other company look wanting. Such bullshit is for realz, sad to say.

  7. My adult daughter needed to replace her iP 6 after numerous drops, so we ended up at the Sprint store after lunch. As for the uptake rate, they had no 6s Plus in stock–all backordered. They had certain 6s models but no rose gold (daughter calls in pink) in 64 GB, so she opted for the ONE 128 GB they had in stock. Footnote: they declared her 6 “paid for” and put her on the “lease” yearly upgrade plan with something like $25 of upfront money. I need to do some modeling of cost under the different plans!

    1. I imagine they have done a thorough analysis of the available data, bolstered by an in-depth examination of weasel entrails, guided by the prevailing narrative and with an eye on the stock ticker

  8. That uptake is going to get even slower now that we have the Samsung/TSMC chip controversy. My family is due for multiple phone upgrades. I’ll be damned if I’m paying $849 for a phone with the Samsung chip in it.

  9. I’d love a 6 or 6s but they are just too damn expensive in canada now.
    $400 for 16 GB on 2 year plans, thanks for ripping is off in canada Apple. I really wish there was a decent non-android alternative.

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