Following Apple News, Google preps Accelerated Mobile Pages

“Google Inc. unveiled a mobile publishing platform aimed at making news articles on smartphones load faster, catching up with similar services recently introduced by Facebook Inc. and Apple Inc.,” Gerry Smith reports for Bloomberg.

“Google’s service, called the ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages Project,’ or AMP, is aimed at loading mobile Web pages almost instantly instead of requiring consumers to wait several seconds to open an article,” Smith reports. “Almost 30 publishers from around the world, including the New York Times, Guardian, BBC, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, BuzzFeed and Vox Media, will publish articles on AMP, which is in a test format and will be available to the public at a later date. Many of those media outlets have also agreed to publish stories directly to Facebook’s and Apple’s news readers.”

“With its own news reader, Apple will help sell advertising within its app and take a 30 percent cut of that revenue while letting publishers keep 100 percent of the advertising revenue they sell,” Smith reports. “Google has no deals to share advertising revenue with publishers and is focused solely on making the mobile Web work faster… AMP will support publishers’ subscription models and advertising formats ‘that don’t detract from the user experience,’ Google said. The company is working with publishers to determine what such ads will look like.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This is Google’s bid to keep the Web at the forefront and keep mobile users in browsers and out of dedicated apps.

Google News – hello anybody? The idiots reading that crap think there is actually a human there – there is no human there – you are being programmed to, being automated even up to your news… And Apple News, I don’t know what that’s about – that’s also creepy – the same corporate glaze over everything. I don’t see the world that way. I live in a world that’s free, colorful, vibrant, takes chances, bold, stands up to power… Stop operating in their playground. Stop it! …I’m just warning this country that, yes, don’t get into this false sense that you are an individual when you’re on Facebook, no, you’re not, you’re a pawn in their scheme. – Matt Drudge, October 6, 2015


  1. This is not a competitor to Apple’s News which is a stand alone news aggregate. Google is merely providing an API that allows web pages to load content in first and display it before all the other crap comes flowing in – tracking services, ads, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve figured out a way to get around content blocking as well.

  2. I vote for Drudge–always something of interest. I read some of the sources on Apple News already, but most I don’t, so it doesn’t add anything to my daily reads.

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