iPhone 6s Plus teardown estimated to cost $236 in parts and assembly

“It costs Apple an estimated $236 to make and assemble its new iPhone 6s Plus, roughly one-third the $749 retail price of the smartphone, according to a teardown analysis by IHS Technology,” Dawn Chmielewski reports for Re/code. “Though IHS did not have time to conduct a similar teardown of the iPhone 6s, it estimates the cost of materials to be $211.50 — roughly $20 less than the bigger iPhone 6s Plus.”

“IHS Senior Research Director Andrew Rassweiler said the teardown analysis has limitations, because it doesn’t take into account myriad other costs — from shipping and warehousing, to research and development and marketing,” Chmielewski reports. “The latest iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are sturdier than their predecessors, featuring a more robust 7000 series aluminum enclosure, a more shatter-resistant Gorilla Glass 4 cover and gaskets that would appear to make the device more water-resistant (so it might survive a toilet or tub drop).”

“These upgrades suggest Apple is hardening the iPhone, so it will maintain its value longer — possibly in anticipation of the growing lease deals for smartphones that would create a robust secondary market for used devices,” Chmielewski reports. “Apple for the first time offered a financing program that allows consumers to pay a fixed, no-interest monthly fee for a new iPhone, which they can trade in a year later for the next-generation device. ‘They’re trying to make it tougher and longer-lasting to support this financing program,’ said Rassweiler.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hardening iPhones so they last is a smart idea give the launch of Apple’s annual iPhone Upgrade Program.

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  1. Those numbers makes sense. Given that Apple overall has margins around 40%, a 33% materials and labor cost fits right in with that.
    My daughter will be getting a rose gold 64GB iP6S. That is once they are available for pick up in a store. We will be going for the new Apple deal and that requires an in store purchase.

  2. And as usual: ‘Parts and Assembly’ are only PART of the cost of any device. So don’t equate ‘Parts and Assembly’ with cost or value. There is a long list of cost and value factors ignored in this minimalist evaluation of devices. Make your own list please. I won’t be providing one.

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