Why AAPL stock didn’t rise on record iPhone sales

“With Apple having announced all-time record iPhone sales, you might have expected analysts and investors to be impressed, and to see the AAPL share price rise as a result,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac. “Instead, the stock is actually down a little – so what gives?”

“The answer, like the one to so many questions today, is: China,” Lovejoy writes. “This is the first iPhone launch where mainland China, and not just Hong Kong, has been included from day one. This means the opening weekend sales of 13M versus 10M last year aren’t like-for-like.”

“Apple sold 13M iPhones worldwide in its opening weekend. Taking 28% of that number to be in China, that’s 3.64M,” Lovejoy writes. “Take that from 13M and the like-for-like comparison with last year is 9.36M – a drop from last year’s 10M.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Many buyers in the U.S. may be holding off until after the initial rush to figure out exactly what’s required to extract themselves from 2-year plans and move to Apple’s annual iPhone Upgrade Program which is offered exclusively at Apple’s U.S. retail stores – places to avoid during launch week when you want full explanations regarding making the move.

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  1. Add to that that this is one of the dumbest analyses ever. Apple sold all their iPhones, period. Shifting a market from one country to many is the right way to build sales not a “decline.” The fear of losing money in China is unfounded. Apple wins on supply and demand. The market dropped 300 points yesterday due to jittery fears of Biotech not making huge enough profits due to raping the health care system with over-inflated pricing. If it walks like a duck…..

  2. News doesn’t make stocks go up and down, unless people that read the news buy or sell the stock because of it. Important distinction. It may sound like splitting hairs, but it’s not. People need to understand that it’s people and intstitutions and often computer trading programs that buy and sell shares and that’s what makes it go up and down. A large institution may decide to increase or decrease its holdings on a schedule rather than based on news. Individual investors may do the same. Mutual funds continue to buy or sell shares as their fund grows or shrinks or to balance the percentage of shares in their fund if the stock has had a drop or a run up.

    So don’t wring hands to try to explain things that can’t be explained, especially with a stock that is so widely held and with such a high market capitalization.

    1. An all out crackdown on all levels on the institutional, foreign ( ie: Samscum controled brokers) and big manipulators ( those are the muthas that can move the price with quantity moves) needs to be demanded in prder to protect the “real” (little guy) investors, which ultimately are the only ones that get hurt.

      The big manipulators get free ridesand get to write off their losses, so they have no problem selling even at a loss to suit their bigger objective of hurting a company’s stock.

      They kill the goose that lays the golden eggs without so much as an eye blink, whether the goose is Apple or investor trust in the entire market.

      Put them all in jail, stop their freee rides, bring back the uptick rule, dis allow modern day ripoff stock shorting pools and vehicles and make short term turnover, churning traders pay high taxes for all fast gains made over short periods less than 1-2 years (sliding scale).

      Unless stock manipulators get slammed the markets will suffer irreperable harm by killing the true investors confidence and trust in investment, which is ultimately what funds innovation and companies that make up the economy.

  3. Wow.

    It is surprising how deep those anal-ysts goes.

    Also, the fact that they founded water on mars may bring the stock down. Because you know, on mars, maybe, years from now, people will not buy iPhones…

    Geez, the only thing that could save Apple now is a disposable iPhone where you make a couple of calls then you through it in the garbage to go buy another one…

    1. Other than cry, whimper, and whine, what else do you do to correct these misguided souls and reverse these trends? Apparently, nothing. According to you Apple is butt f*cked and you do nothing of value, importance, or significance.

      1. You are right my friend. I’ve been complaining a lot. I am a poor shareholder.

        And now, I founded this tribune to express myself how silly this world has become.

        I will post again.

        My guess is Apple doesn’t play well with our disposable world now. They are already in the new world where sustainability is the key to success. I have a bunch of Apple products from 2006 and above that still works. It is sad. Really sad.

        So little I can do Fred. So little.

        Thank for taking the time.

  4. This was the easiest iPhone purchase I ever made:I got my 128GB 6S Plus on Saturday without problems, I was a basic ATT walk-in and they offered a reasonable deal on a full package. Within 10 minutes I walked out with my iPhone.

    There are a lot of options this time around, Apple and the telcos are making the decision to buy very easy for most everyone, even Android switchers…

  5. MDN…. EXACT O MUDUS!! WallFck is SO????? oh I don’t wanna waste my breath…

    Looking for an iPhone 6s buy one get one FREE PLUS!! A new iPadPro 1/2OFF!! IF you sign up for A GIIGLE shit SamAss phone… Right Droid?


    This world is pathetic. Right Mole?

    We miss you Steve

  6. I assume that Apple always has to both estimate what the demand will be but also balance that against what they can make and how quick they can ramp up production and how practical it is to do that in the face of what ongoing demand is likely to be. There’s no point making say 100m for the first weekend and then having loads of production capacity sitting around once the initial demand slows.

    They may have decided that they would perhaps be better to launch in a few more countries yet perhaps end up with slightly longer waiting periods in those countries. If I recall there was a lot of people buying iPhones and sending them to china and reselling them for a huge markup. Maybe they’re trying to prevent people getting phones from other markets – this the figures are still broadly accurate when looked at in the context of early adopters. The assumption that larger sales is worse because it’s spread over more countries is based on very limited information.

    Also, most of the market seemed to be down yesterday. What was it doing last year?

    It strikes me that there is a lot more to it than this look at one angle.

    1. Very good points. The real story here is that Apple increased production by 30% for its debut weekend. Last year’s sales were limited by what Apple could produce so an increase in production at this level is a significant development. If this increasing production is met by a sustained increase in demand then it bodes well for the quarter!

  7. Up or down, the only idiots who care about sharp movements are traders trying to game and guess big moves …. they get pissed off when these moves don’t happen, particularly with Apple inc, a company that continues to build out its device portfolio, it’s ecosystem of unparalleled capability and it’s ever growing user base. The winners are the true long term stock investors with patience and foresight to ride out the Wall Street jitters; buyback of stock is happening, dividends are happening and the stock will appreciate further over time. So, stay calm and enjoy the sales figures that Apple inc. is about to unleash globally through this holiday season!!

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