Even record iPhone 6s/Plus sales can’t save Apple

“Apple did it! It sold 13 million new iPhones in the first weekend – beating expectations and sales numbers from the launch of the last version of the phone,” Matt Krantz reports for USA Today. “But even these numbers aren’t enough to impress investors.”

“Shares of Apple are down $1.41, or 1.3%, to $113.25 Monday as investors react to the weekend sales statistics of the new iPhone,” Krantz reports. “Bulls were hoping strong sales of Apple’s latest smartphone model would be the catalyst to get the stock working again. Guess not – partially because the numbers aren’t as solid as they sound.”

“The number is a bit distorted because this year 12 global regions including China were included in launch, versus 10 last year, says Abhey Lamba of Mizuho,” Krantz reports. “China wasn’t included at launch last year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This too shall pass.

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    1. These “news” articles are getting investors confused with traders – on purpose no doubt. Investors were not waiting to buy or sell based on first weekend sales of the iPhone 6s/Plus, that was the traders. Investors are in to Apple long, and are pleased with Apple sales growth and the strength of Apple fundamentals. It is the traders who thrive on the volatility they create with these FUD articles.

  1. Wall Street, where professional thieves, hit men and extortionist go to work.

    They are right, it’s not your father’s stock market anymore.

    If threatened companies don’t do as asked, then Wall Street takes them down. Just look up counterfeiting stock and you will get a nice list of what is really going on. Makes the mob look like choir boys. Add in the fact that Apple is on our side of privacy, so the government may, no, most likely have a slight hand in this stock manipulation.

  2. Of course iPhone 6s sales can’t save Apple.

    All the sales can do is drive AAPL down, because the analcysts write, “But we were expecting sales of x+2M”. ( x = number of sales Apple reports )

  3. But even these numbers aren’t enough to impress investors.

    Then they be idiots.

    How much does this remind you of the Spoiled Entitled Brat syndrome typical of overly ripe civilizations? Add that to the coked-up, thrill demanding WallNut Street meme.

  4. This is the difference between a trader and an investor. History is loaded with examples of stocks reporting great news and then experiencing a short term price decline. Trader lore sez buy on the rumor. Sell on the news.

    Investors have a minimum of a three year time horizon. Warren Buffett said buy great companies. Never Sell.

    Peter Lynch said his biggest profits ALWAYS came after he had owned the stock for at least three years.

    It looks to me like Apple may double over the next three years.

    1. Well said. I’ll follow-up with quote that Peter Lynch would agree with. It’s why I ignore articles like the one above, because analyst expectations mean nothing to a long-term investor. I consider what they have to say to be an annoyance, and often creates an opportunity to purchase shares of an outstanding company at an attractive price:

      “If a business does well, the stock eventually follows.”
      – Warren Buffett

  5. Okay, if 13 million phones weren’t solid, based on the inclusion of China, what numbers are solid, with the provided stats? They predicted 12 million. They new China would be included. So who’s ass is their head impeded in, and why do they keep it there?

    Must smell nice.

    If 13 million isn’t good enough, why predict 12? In other words you were going into this thinking that Apple was going to fail.

    When they didn’t fail, you pretend they failed.

      1. No and yes – It depends.

        The technology is supposed to make life easier, yet it is making text entry more difficult. Small keyboards, autocorrect, spell prediction, all of the above.

        The worst is when you are close but it changes the word to something completely different. Where if correction were turned off, and the word misspelled, by typo or other reason, the meaning would be understood.

        Autocorrect is missing a comprehensive dictionary and context. It will combine two separate words into one, or not have have an example to draw on, because you know the word is wrong but not sure where to go from there. We have “space,” “m,” and “delete” so close together as to make text entry rather difficult, and more.

        Autocorrect is completely unnecessary if we could write perfectly the first time. The keyboard is so small, and typing is so difficult. We do need to use autocorrect. To error is to live.

        On top of that, we cannot edit posts.

        Thanks for the troll comment.

        I have all the time in the world to fight with this. Never mind it takes an hour to write, review, correct and submit and still find more mistakes. Because all of the readers – all of you – are worth perfected jibber jabber.

        What we say on this forum will change the world and heaven forbid if a letter or word is out of place.

        The context of what we write here, is water cooler, street corner, loitering, chewing fat, gossip, name calling, long tales, sitting by the campfire, BS, 90 percent of the time.

        Sometimes really good stuff is posted, by talented people, and those people make it worth, coming back.

        To each their own.

  6. If Apple had a number close to 10M, stock would be down at least $20. 13 M plus does not impress analysts because it includes China numbers. I think Apple cannot impress this medley of fools. This stock is doomed. Cook should either buy a big company to change expectations or take Apple private. I think he can find dozen banks to invest $80 or 100 B each. This game is over.

  7. It’s not iPhone sales that will determine the future of AAPL or Apple Inc. It’s the CEO and anyone who thinks the current one is the route to a future reminiscent of it’s storied past, needs to come around to the reality that Tim Cook is not, and never will be, such a leader.

    Roll out all the “amazing” watches and tv’s and whatever else and you get AAPL shares selling for a third of what they should be. Doubt it? Take a look.

    1. @jaymorris: We thought you wanted to become Apple CEO. Can you please sell 20 million iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, 10 million iPads, 15 million iMacs, and above all make AAPL $300 a share? If you could do that, we’d vote for you to be Apple CEO. If not, shut up and let Tim Cook do the job please. Enough is enough, you sound like a broken record.

  8. we just have to wait till samsung/htc/nokia to lose enough money and just quit. That should be 2 years from now. Samsung offering $120+ to iphone switchers..? really? “I’ll pay YOU to buy my phone” Desperate.

  9. as I’ve joked before

    even if the shares fall below $1 I’ll hold
    T.C will buy back all the shares for peanuts.
    then I’ll ask T.C to do an extraordinary dividend and the few aapl holders left can divide Apple’s $100 billion plus cash pile ( 200 b minus debt and buyback costs with 10 b in every quarter).


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