Five seconds, just five seconds, all the iPhones 6s units are gone!

“Five seconds, just five seconds, all the iPhones 6s are gone!” Chin Lan reports for M.I.C Gadget. “[As] we have reported previously, the sales of iPhone 6S is messing up in Hong Kong. No kidding at all! It is almost impossible to purchase an iPhone 6S over here, because all the iPhones go straight into scalpers’ stock inventory.”

“We previously reported Chinese scalpers use a “special” Windows software for bulk iPhone purchases, and today, we discover the way they work with the software,” Lan reports. “So first of all, the reason why a team of scalpers have so many Apple user IDs is that the accounts are purchased from Hong Kong citizens. A Hong Kong citizen will get paid for 600 HKD (about $76.90) for providing an Apple user ID to a scalper. However, he/she needs to provide his/her credit card details, national (Hong Kong) ID number, and Hong Kong home address to the scalpers too. If you are willing to give them these details, you will get $70 of ‘reward.'”

“But you can only do this kind of business for once, because Apple will jot down your Apple ID details after you have made a purchase of iPhones,” Lan reports. “Apple is doing this to avoid customers to purchase the iPhone 6S repeatedly. Namely, the Apple user ID and Hong Kong ID that you are providing to scalpers have to be a clean sheet that has not made any purchase for an iPhone previously. We have no idea how are the scalpers going to find this out though.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Why are people so willing to give up such personal and financial information to strangers? We can’t imaging handing over our Apple IDs and credit card details to some scalper for any amount (within reason), much less $75.


  1. this is even more damming issue then the ios ghost xcode problem in China, i mean why would any one give their credit card details to an unknown person for $70. China appears to be a terrible place to do business honestly

    1. I wish people would do some basic arithmetic when outrageous stories like this appear. As large as Hobg Kong is, the Beijing, or Shanghai, or Chengdu, or any of at least 20 other markets in China are larger.

      The concept that purchased iTunes accounts from Hong Kong could overwhelm the legitimate buying power of the rest of China is pure bullshit.

    1. It’s strange. Wall Street said all the consumers in China lost all their money in the China market crash and no one would have enough money left to buy a single iPhone 6s. Somehow these analysts believe they know the future and investors believe every word they say.

      Even so, it’s Microsoft making all the big gains today and they’re not selling out any product. Apple’s share price isn’t going to rise even if Apple breaks iPhone sales records by a large amount. Apple’s share price has nothing to do with how much revenue and profits Apple makes. Apple’s P/E will simply get smaller. Apple already has reinforced its reputation of being a doomed company and investors will continue to view it that way.

      1. You are absolutely correct. Some of the analysts have a negative bias towards Apple. Here is a perfect example:

        Jabil reported their earnings yesterday. They reported a 15% increase in sales for the quarter, but the business unit Apple is in, DMS, recorded a 47% increase in sales, which beat expectations. This unit represents 41% of Jabil’s total revenue. The other 59% of their business only grew 1%. They also stated this DMS segment will grow 33% this current quarter. Apple is their largest customer and represents 24% of their total business. This means that Apple represents 60% of their DMS total sales. The conclusion is that Apple has ordered MANY more parts from Jabil these past couple of months and current quarter.

        Here is where the analysts bias comes into play. As many know some analysts are bearish on Apple saying things like they can’t sell more products going forward. This Jabil report completely refutes this notion.

        The bias –

        “Steve Milunovich
        That’s helpful. Thank you. And your expectation for EMS seems to have gone up quite a bit and barely decelerated from the growth in 2015. On the Apple’s growth, obviously, it’s likely to decelerate. Can you give us anymore color in terms of your confidence in DMS of how broad base the growth is?”

        It is beyond comprehension that this analyst said, “On the Apple’s growth, obviously, it’s likely to decelerate…” How can this bozo make this statement after the report Jabil just posted?!?! Some of these analysts still can’t give up their NEGATIVE bias towards Apple even with the numbers staring them in the face. It is pathetic.

  2. This is not logical. Either the people do not believe in credit personal information, or the report is not factually true.

    It’s possible people see their information as something they is given to them but they don’t use or depend on. But they will learn the hard way, that when they suffer from identity theft, they will wish they didn’t give this information away.

    Sounds like a government fail, not an Apple fail.

  3. I have been a victim of ID theft. Since then I don’t care who has my ID info. It would be worth $70 to give it to someone.

    Consider this: my ID has been stolen not only that one time, the end result, BTW, was no financial loss to me because all financial institutions and retailers gave me my losses back. One of the inconveniences was using checks at a grocery store, but who does that anymore?…. but, my ID (and yours) has been stolen dozens of times since (every time you hear about a hack-attack).

    So calm down everyone, ID theft is not the end of the world. Biggest inconvenience is getting a new drivers license but that is only when your wallet is stolen.

    So, send me $70 and I’ll send you my ID stuff.

    The only

      1. Yea, maybe. And maybe that’s why it does not matter to me. However, even with the worse credit score I was able to buy a car with financing and currently, and for the rest of my life, knock on wood, I won’t need a loan nor a mortgage.

        And if I do, loans are easy to get again, just ask Freddie Mae and Mac, and a letter of explanation always works. Like I said, ID theft isn’t a problem and it’s all hype. Just had all my info stolen by the Excellus attack, including medical records. It’s all out there for everyone to have. If it’s on the internet, it ain’t safe, and all computers are on the internet. WAKE-UP!

        On the other hand, no one has offered my $70 yet. And if they do, I got their address for the FBI (as if they care).

        1. Really even after all that it’s worth $70 to you? Going and getting a new DL doesnt cost you in effort etc? For a cheap troll, I would guess if that’s all your time is worth a $30 Android 4.3 device would be a bargain

  4. I have been learning a lot about Asian countries… mostly through Filipinos living in the Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore. They are very trusting with their private information in weird ways. It’s an entirely different world from here out West. They have a very different viewpoint on things like online identities, money handling, and they are very accepting of cheap Chinese junkware.

  5. I went and read the referring article. Forgive me if I missed something here, but, after the person gives the scalper his Apple ID, personal ID, credit card and address and collects his $76, what happens next?

    When the iPhone is ordered on the credit card, what happens when the charge shows up on their statement? Are they trusting the scalper to give the credit card owner the money to pay for the charge on the card the moment the scalper sells the phone? This seems a really big amount of trust among strangers when I can’t get my brother to pay back the money he owes me.

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