Tim Cook meets with Chinese President as Obama threatens import restrictions

“Apple CEO Tim Cook is one of a large number of tech leaders meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping during a visit to Seattle,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac.

“It’s believed that the Chinese head of state is trying to enlist support from U.S. tech companies in his attempt to persuade President Obama not to implement threatened import restrictions against China,” Lovejoy reports. “Obama had threatened the action over hacking and intellectual property theft by Chinese firms.”

Lovejoy reports, “China is already a larger market for Apple than Europe, and looks set to overtake the USA, with Apple reporting 112% revenue growth in its Q3 earnings call.”

Read more, and see the photo, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: That sure is a lovely photo. “Everyone ready? Okay. 3, 2… snap! That’s it, we’re done!” Is Tim “adjusting?” And, what’s Tencent CEO Pony Ma (between Tim and Bezos) looking at?

Here’s a better group photo:

2015 U.S.-China Internet Industry Forum
2015 U.S.-China Internet Industry Forum

Chinese President Xi Jinping to meet with Apple CEO Tim Cook today – September 23, 2015


    1. Easy now… I’m an “Obama hater”, if that’s how you want to phrase it, but I think sanctions and import restrictions with China are long past due. There are occasionally things he gets right. (I think I remember one once before. 🙂 Kidding! Or am I? Doesn’t matter.)

    2. Off topic, sorry. So bad these CEOs don’t know how to stand in a public official stage/meeting/photo.

      You all take a lesson from Chinese president for your next meeting. Particularly, where you should put your hands.

  1. i can’t help but write this after MDN pointed out Tim and Bezos.

    Last quarter Amazon made a profit of 92 million.
    On that one day the stock went up 20+ %
    Apple made 10,700 million in profit and we all know where the stock went.

    The guy who makes less than 100 m (sometimes) stands next to the guy who regularly makes 10,000 m every quarter.
    they both stand on the same platform and people (trolls and press) are calling TC a moron and Bezos a genius (well I guess he is in way as he gets W.S. to buy his stock).

  2. Are Apple products made in China and imported to the US considered imports? Then if China wants to import $10 billion of exports to the US then China must order $10 billion US products before their $10 billion of Chinese products can be shipped. This is what is called balanced trade.

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