All eyes on Apple as new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus hit stores Friday

“The new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus arrive in stores and at consumers’ doorsteps on Friday, kicking off a sales cycle that will be scrutinized for signs of how much juice Apple’s marquee product has left,” Julia Love reports for Reuters.

“Apple has a tough act to follow after the success of the iPhone 6, but sales are expected to benefit this year from the inclusion of the Chinese market, where the gadget’s debut was delayed in 2014 due to regulatory issues,” Love reports. “With one of Apple’s largest markets in the fold, analysts expect the company to sell about 12 million to 13 million phones in the first weekend of availability, up from more than 10 million last year.”

“Eager consumers from San Francisco to London to Sydney have camped out for days prior to the release, and Apple said earlier this month that based on pre-orders, sales of its new phones were on pace to beat last year’s first weekend performance,” Love reports. “‘The stage is set for Apple to show year-over-year growth over the Herculean iPhone 6 sales,’ FBR Capital Markets senior analyst Daniel Ives said.”

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  1. News reports from Apple’s Sydney flagship store showed queues going for several blocks. Haven’t seen any reports from other Sydney stores yet but the 3 carriers’ flagship stores usually throw launch events and get similar crowds. I think the stores opened 18 minutes ago

  2. Actually, all eyes will be on Apple this coming Monday — to see if Apple stays true to form and announces another record breaking first weekend. Will Apple significantly beat the 10 Million first weekend of last year?

    If Apple significantly beats last year’s numbers you can expect a slight bump in the stock price. If Apple even slightly misses last years numbers, you can expect a significant hit in the stock price — maybe as much as 10% or more because of all the “Apple is Doomed!” articles that will be written.

    Then eyes will be trained on Apple right after the two week mark. Will Apple beat the reported 21 Million for the first two weeks?

    People expect lines for tomorrow morning. People expect the stores to sell out of certain models tomorrow. People expect Apple stores to sell out of the new iPhones (6S and 6S+) by close of business this coming Sunday. But the real question is, “How many will they sell?”

    First weekend sales have almost always been limited by stock available. The same goes for the two week mark and the one month mark. Hopefully, Apple has been able to ramp up production even better than last year.

  3. 30 seconds ago, I walked past the Apple Store on the upper West side in New York City. In a line of about 120 people, not one of them was an English speaker. Judging by this one store, it seems that we will have the same situation as last year, which will disappoint very many Apple fans.

      1. I didn’t. They talked amongst themselves. If you had been there, it would have been very obvious to you as well that none of those people spoke any English. My guess is they were all Chinese.

  4. I thought no one was going to be buying the iPhone 6s models based on analyst predictions. Didn’t everyone on the planet already buy an iPhone 6s and that was the end of iPhone sales until the end of time.

    Now the analysts can switch their stories saying how they thought Apple was going to sell 15 million iPhones the opening weekend but only managed to sell 14.5 million iPhones which was a major disappointment to investors.


    I don’t think it matters even if Apple breaks some iPhone sales record the stock is still going to drop some more. Apple never sells quite enough of anything to satisfy Wall Street.

  5. Now begins the ramp up into the Holiday quarter for Apple. It will be an Apple Christmas this year….
    iPhone 6 and 6s
    iTV for whats next
    Apple Watch OS2…..
    iPad Pro —-(the sleeper hit of the season)

  6. Don’t understand all the folks in line. Ordered mine from Verizon without even trying hard at all, nearly a week after the show. A 128gb rose gold. Darwinism I guess.

    1. You must be new to Apple. The wait in line has always been more about the ritual, the pilgrimage, the camaraderie of it rather than getting it a soon as possible.

      And all those foreign non-English speaking scalpels in lines today are completely spoiling the experience for the real fans.

  7. In HK, the very first few Rose Gold iPhone 6S Plus 128GB was sold around 10am for HK$12980, a profit of HK$4892, arpx US$630. Other 6S Plus models could only get HK$1300-HK$2802 profit. (US$167-360)
    By 1pm, all models were “sold” at a loss, except the Rose Gold 6S Plus 128GB, garnering only HK$712 profit!.
    The price is fluctuating hour by hour… at 2pm, the profitability of the same model has risen slightly to $1412, but by and large, Scalpers are NOT going to get the same jackpot as before.
    Those risking customs and taking them up directly to Mainland China themselves, might earn abit more, but its risky, and the journey will cost too.
    Source is from It’s all 100% traditional chinese writing, but you can guess at the table figures.

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