Apple releases iOS 9.0.1

Apple today released iOS 9.0.1 which contains bug fixes including:

• Fixes an issue where some users could not complete setup assistant after updating
• Fixes an issue where sometimes alarms and timers could fail to play
• Fixes an issue in Safari and Photos where pausing video could cause the paused frame to appear distorted
• Fixes an issue where some users with a custom APN setup via a profile would lose cellular data

iOS 9.0.1 over the air or via iTunes using Software Update.

To update your device over the air:
1. Plug your device in to power and connect to the Internet with Wi-Fi.
2. Tap Settings > General > Software Update.
3. Tap Download and Install. If a message asks to temporarily remove apps because iOS needs more space for the update, tap Continue or Cancel. Later, iOS will reinstall apps that it removed. If you tap Cancel, learn what to do next.
4. To update now, tap Install. Or you can tap Later and choose Install Tonight or Remind Me Later. If you tap Install Tonight, just plug your iOS device in to power before you go to sleep. Overnight, your device will update automatically.
5. If asked, enter your passcode.

To update your device using iTunes:
1. Connect your device to your computer.
2. Open iTunes and select your device.
3. Click Summary, then click Check for Update.
4. Click Download and Update.

For information on the security content of this update, visit:


      1. I’ve said this elsewhere this week: During the second Jobs era, the pushing out of not-ready-for-prime-time code happened as well. The Jobs eras were NOT perfect either. Sorry. He was merely human. Apple is never perfect. They’re just consistently better than the alternatives.

        But, should iOS 9.0 have been pushing out to the public with detrimental bugs? NO! I’m just happy Apple kicked their own butts and rushed out a timely update.

        To quote David Pogue:
        There’s an old saying: “Never buy version 1.0 of anything.”

        In software coding, this is known as ‘Version 1.0 Syndrome’ whereby you can count on the first version of anything to be full of bugs, no matter how hard you try to find them. Once a product hits the streets, then the REAL test begins.

        1. How many hours of your wasted time fixing broken stuff and troubleshooting does it take for the MDN crowd to actually agree that Apple is doing an inadequate job on quality, Roguedog?

          Whoever isn’t doing a decent job managing the quality control problems, Apple needs to get it figured out. There’s no excuse for a one-week time between bug fixes, and it didn’t happen regularly under Jobs at all. I used to trust Apple to get it right on a version 1.0, now there’s no desire whatsoever to be first in line for any Apple software — I wait unit about the 3rd major bugfix. Beta testing Apple products used to be a joy, now it’s a chore.

          Quality of software design AND testing has gone down dramatically under Cook’s lack of leadership. Your choice to give Apple a free pass only reinforces the perception that the MDN groupthink bias is still cranked up to the max. More and more people are experiencing the same disappointment. All this weakens Apple’s quality reputation.

          Apple is behaving like Microsoft during a bad year, and the fanboys here think everything is just honky dory. I’d hate to see what it would take for you guys to admit that Apple actually screwed up.

    1. That’s exactly what I am hoping gets fixed. Three days of trying to update my Watch is more than a small annoyance. “Verifying…” my ass. 🙂

      I’ll update iOS in the hope that it will allow me to update my watch to 2.0.

      1. Looks like it worked. After upgrading to 9.0.1 I was successfully able to also update Apple Watch to v2.0. Before attempting the watch update, I’d also performed a hard restart on both the watch and the phone. Not sure which was the primary driver….but at least now it updated and everything works as expected.

      1. Oh, give me a break. A company is responsible for the quality of the products it ships. Apple’s decisions to rush or make users the testers is a sign of poor quality. Good companies make mistakes, but almost all of Apple’s software of late has been surprisingly below par. Also, Jobs wasn’t afraid to knock heads. Cook is way too lax.

        Also, for the record, Apple Music sucks. If there was any way to remove it, I would. Chalk that up to an ever-growing list of useless bloat in a folder that Apple keeps pushing at users. Right down there with the other unremovable Apple like Apple Watch, which is stupid to push to users who don’t actually own the device. Stupid, Apple. At the rate Apple is getting more bloated and out of touch with customers, it won’t be to long before a new market entrant will have plenty of room to gain a foothold and be the hungry, user-focused company that Apple used to be.

  1. I’ve found my phone locks up for 5-10 seconds on occasion. I wonder if they’ve done something about that. I usually wait on the updates, didn’t this time because I wanted WatchOS2 compatibility. Guess I’m paying the price.

    1. Yup. If you use 10.6.8 to sync your iPhone, and you have updated to 9 or 9.1, you will get a never ending notice that you need to download a new iTunes version – that doesn’t exist. It is extremely annoying! I use Snow Leopard for my music server since it is dependable and handles 6 large hard drives and firewire well. This is just really sloppy on Apple’s part. They need to notify people that 9 won’t work with 10.6.8’s last iTunes version before they download, OR fortheloveo’gawd update the Snow Leopard. Most Mac people I know run multiple systems for various reasons on different computers or on different partitions or drives. We used to sell Macs for cost of life of the computer. I’m used to 10-15 years use. This kind of stuff really sucks. Especially since you are still supporting the company by buying new MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, ATVs and pretty much anything else they mac in multiples.

  2. Still the Music app on my iphone is crashing, soundhound is un usable on my air 2. Looks like I might have to do a complete restore.. Damn then I will have to download all the updates for all the apps I use on my iphone and ipad as after ios 9 doesnt allow backing up of app installers to PCs using itunes.. Well Done Apple, Well Done… The biggest Dodo of the lot is not being able to backup the app purchased on the iphone / ipad to the PC/Mac using itunes. If space contraints on the devices was a issue then stop making 16Gb devices.. This is like making their loyal customers do a headstand to use their devices like Android users. Wake Up..

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