Blame the Pope for your delayed iPhone

Pope Francis touches down on U.S. soil today, marking the beginning of his six day visit.

However, the pontiff’s visit also ushers in a slew of logistical problems for shipping companies, since the Pope’s travels will shut down major roads and thoroughfares.

Expect deliveries of Apple’s new 3D Touch-capable iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to be delayed in certain areas on Friday.

“The historic and highly-anticipated six-day, three-city US tour by the pope this week has prompted UPS to announce that it won’t be making pick-ups and deliveries in certain areas during his visit,” Scott Stump reports for TODAY. “Fed Ex also said to expect local delays during the Pope’s visit to Washington, D.C., New York City and Philadelphia — where, speaking of screens, 40 Jumbotrons will be erected for a Papal Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul.”

“The trip marks the 78-year-old pontiff’s first trip to America,” Stump reports. “Pope Francis is expected to arrive in D.C. at around 4 p.m. on Tuesday, where he will stay in the Vatican embassy.”

Here is a quick look at Pope Francis’s visit by the numbers:
• 60: The number of law enforcement agencies teaming up for security during his visit.
• 4 1/2: The number of square miles in Philadelphia that will be blocked off for his appearance. More than a million people are expected to go to the city to see him.
• 100,000: The number of communion wafers that a group of nuns have been working tirelessly over the past two months to produce for the Mass.
• 70 million: The number of Catholics in the United States.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We don’t care who it is – nobody’s coming between us and our new iPhones! We’ll go brave the lines of Chinese scalpers if we have to!


            1. So you’re entitled to proclaim you’re a denialist, but others aren’t allowed to state their opinions and must “piss off”?
              Very mature. Free society indeed.

            2. Wrong! People who insist on believing in stupidity, superstition, and just-plain-bullshit are entitled to hope that fellow humans will be caring enough to point out their errors. Those who insist on proof and logic have a responsibility to show their fellows the errors of their ways. Believe what you want but don’t expect others to respect such stupidity. Samsung deserves such exorcisms.

            3. Fuck off and leave me the hell alone. You climate change nut jobs treat this like a religion. No one can say something different without having you jump all over them. Say what you want. Do your worst, but I won’t back down. It’s a fucking hoax.

      1. Human-influenced climate change is far more believable than religion. In the realm of fairy tales, there is no comparison between true fairy tales and flawed/twisted interpretations of scientific theories and evidence. I believe that we have been more than sufficiently fruitful and have over multiplied at this point.

    1. You seem awfully sure of yourself. Being so sure of yourself when you have zero evidence to back up your assertions is a character flaw, at best.

      The reality is that we really don’t know what happens after death, or what triggered the big bang, or if what we think of the “universe” is really the be-all and end-all or if it’s just a speck of dust under God’s sofa.

      Any assertion one way or another is equally fallacious unless it is supported by some kind of empirical evidence.

      Challenging orthodox beliefs in all their forms, whether they are of a religious or scientific nature is, after all, the method by which we truly learn and progress as a species.

      And, yes, this goes for anthropogenic climate change based on temperature records that start in 1880 (about when The Little Ice Age ended), that weren’t exactly accurate, along with a bunch of manipulated “global average” numbers that measure/prove nothing. Ice core data goes back 20,000 years. These show that there were several periods in the last 10,000 years with global temperatures significantly above temperatures today. Note: there were no cars or factories then.

      In closing, there is nothing more insufferable than an asshole, self-righteous atheist. If your whole life is based on not believing in something, then why give a shit about anything? You have no more proof than a believer, but, oh, you have so very much less than the believer in so many other ways.

      I’d rather be trapped in a mine or on a deserted island or anywhere with a practicing Roman Catholic than with a supercilious atheist asshole.

      1. Quite the contrary: atheists have so much more to live for, realizing we only have this life and must live it to the fullest, rather than some delusional theist falsely believing that somehow when you are rotting into the ground that you will continue to dream an infinite dream of luxury, please.

        This is why ISIS are cutting peoples’ heads off and suicide bombing themselves to death, because they believe they will live some other life beyond this.

        Go ahead and shout your insecurities to at me through name calling. Go pray to your poorly translated ancient book of fiction that was written by people who believed the world to be flat and would murder anyone who disagreed, participate in your cannibalistic rituals of eating your prophet’s flesh and drinking his blood, and be a bigoted anti-progress fool all you want. Just don’t come attacking me for calling you stupid.

          1. There is no connection between science and religion. Science knows only what can be tested and proven. The god hypothesis cannot be tested or proven. It is outside the realm of science. It belongs to the realm of faith and superstition. Faith says, I don’t care what can or cannot be proven, this is what I believe, to which Science says, “Huh? Uh, ok. That’s none of my business.”

            Am I getting through to you yet?

            Discussing science and faith is like discussing any two things that have nothing to do with one another. You may wish there was science in religion, but if you understand science you know that there is no science there.

            An astrophysicist can become so enamored with the beauty of the universe that he BELIEVES there must be a god of some sort, but that belief is not science. It is just a belief with no basis in science.

          1. For one, I don’t waste my time, money, and resources going to church or helping worthless causes. I also never say to myself “I can’t wait to die so I can be with God”, or not be upset when a loved one dies thinking “I’ll see them in the afterlife”. Such bullshit.

            1. You are telling me what you believe in or don’t believe in, which I already know. But I asked how you live your life to the fullest. So far I have learned you save money and resources. Very praiseworthy. You know, I like to save money as well and I cut out coupons.

            2. I wouldn’t dare to try to best you. I can only imagine what wonderful life you live because you have not given me any details. If what you are saying is that you have a lot of sex and a lot of money and I can have it all too if only I become an atheist: you convinced me. Thank you.

      2. Being a Christian is considerably different than being a Catholic. Screwing over your fellow man for six days and asking for forgiveness on the seventh perpetually, or the priesthood sexually abusing children and not getting real, meaningful change from the top are two places Catholics need to start. Honestly I can’t fathom supporting an organization that has been wrong about so many things.

        1. What’s the matter. Did I strike a sensitive cord? Take a picture of the pope, look at it, and then look at your innocent children. Choose this Sunday who you’re going to support. The pope or children? There’s a lot of good Christian organizations out there. Pick one.

          1. Oh it’s worse in other places. That’s good George. You just go on with your blind faith. Maybe they’ll get in charge again and burn all the books like they did in Alexandria. In the meantime, keep eating the crackers and asking for forgiveness.

      3. The only people more annoying than American Jews are American Christians. No, no, the only people more annoying than American Christians are American Atheists. No, no, the only people more annoying than American Atheists are American Gay Atheists with big mouths making big noise on Internet forums. Yep, they win the first prize.

  1. Blame APPLE for your delayed iPhone. First of all, the Pope’s plan to visit the US has been there way before Apple even thought about releasing the iPhone 6s. It’s Apple’s fault that they chose to launch the iPhone during the time frame when the Pope comes to the US.

    1. What are you talking about? Only once was there ever a changed model, and it was the white iPhone 4 released nearly a year after the black model (which worker completely fine for me the entire year or so). What you mean to say is that you believe the bullshit people say about it and wait to buy it until all the real Apple customers tell you “no that’s not actually true, it’s just bullshit being spread around by android fanboys.”

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