Apple gets competitive with iCloud storage

“Some say Apple does not understand the cloud,” Bambi Brannan writes for Mac360. “Maybe so, maybe not, but the company has a few hundred million customers who rely on iCloud for online storage and sync.”

‘With the advent of iOS 9 and the new iPhone 6s line, Apple decided to get more competitive with iCloud’s pricing strategy,” Brannan writes. “5GB is still free, and probably sufficient for most people to use to sync their Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Reminders, keychain, and Safari bookmarks (and backup settings) but that’s about it.”

“If you’re using iCloud now and anything beyond the free 5GB plan, your monthly price tag went down,” Brannan writes. “I use the 200GB plan, so mine went down only a dollar; from $3.99 to $2.99, but the 1TB plan is competitive at $9.99 a month, a rate sufficient that I might consider putting all my Photos photos into sync storage.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We were able to downgrade some of our iCloud storage plans in certain situations (from the previous 500GB, not 1TB, to the current 200GB plan for $2.99/mo., but most of those setups will require an upgrade as they currently sit between 150GB and 190GB each. If you use iCloud storage beyond the free 5GB tier, what changed, if anything, for you?

Apple drops iCloud prices, matches or betters rivals’ storage services, but sticks with stingy 5GB of free space – September 18, 2015
Apple activates new iCloud storage plans, moves 500GB subscribers to 1TB – September 17, 2015


  1. Well I did buy the 20GB a few months ago then stopped it since I couldn’t fully backup my phone as I had 22GB. So now that it’s 50GB for .99 I bought that and am happily backing up to the cloud.

    1. Every so often, do a backup to your computer. I’ve seen the iCloud backup mess up on the restore. If that happens and you don’t have another source for restoring, you’re hosed.

      1. I cain’t figure it how they cain’t get this one right when other supposedly less worthy cumpnys are hittin’ solid home runs with cloud storage. I don’t like iCloud cause you cain’t put up no files but them that are okay with Apple’s gear. They got to get past that lump of roadkill iffn’ they wants more people a-usin’ their cloud.

  2. Too bad that two-factor authentication is available only in selected countries and not in mine here in EU.
    Apple support advised that mobile carrier is not supporting this feature and my mobile carrier tells me that Apple does not support this. To be honest, fingerpointing does not solve the problem and as much I dislike google, their authenticator app simply works, while Apple’s authentication messaging technique which relies on carriers is something from the 90’s.
    As long Apple will not get it fixed I will keep all icloud features turned off and not one cent is going out of my pocket to buy any cloud service from them. What a pity.

  3. I downgraded from 200gb to 50.

    What I’d like to see is 5gb doled out for each device. At around 1300 for a fully decked out iPhone and a 1000 for an iPad Air, it’s not a stretch to give a little extra to connected users. It really wouldn’t apply to me personally, but it would be a nice touch.

  4. I shifted from 200GB to the full 1TB. A little over twice what I was paying for 5 times the storage—a no-brainer.

    And cheaper that the paltry 10GB plan I have with Mozy as a secondary backup.


  5. It is probably not true to say that the lack of functionality in the iWork apps has a bright side, but having found it essential to reverse a 12 year no-Microsoft-on-my-macs policy and purchase office365 I picked up a free 1TB one drive storage plan.

    Onedrive is great and has none of the incomprehensible limitations of Apple’s iCloud which I have now abandoned. Onedrive works really well on Mac, iPad and iPhone and serves as a reminder that years of focusing on consumers rather than business has cost Apple a great deal when it comes to designing software for work.

    With Onedrive all my files for a project are all in a single library, including my Adobe cs4 files which I can’t even store on iCloud.

    Hopefully the IBM relationship will mean that Apple begins to understand work stuff. We don’t all use our macs just for Facebook…

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