Some Apple customers report devices ‘crashing’ on iOS 9 update or something

“A significant number of Apple Inc customers are reporting their mobile devices have crashed after attempting to upload the new iOS 9 operating system, the latest in a line of launch glitches for the tech giant,” Heather Somerville and Jane Wardell report for Reuters. “Twitter and other social media were awash with disgruntled customers reporting two distinct faults, with one appearing to be linked specifically to older models of Apple iPhones and iPads.”

“Despite any troubles, significant numbers of iOS users had upgraded; more than 16 percent, according to Mixpanel, a San Francisco, California-based analytics company, as of 4 p.m. PDT (2300 GMT) Thursday,” Somerville and Wardell report. “Charlie Brown, a technology expert at Sydney-based Cybershack, said any number of dissatisfied customers was significant in the social media era, particularly following the troubled rollout of iOS 8. Apple released several further updates to iOS8, but some of the bugs were never fully fixed. ‘The risk to Apple in terms of having dissatisfied customers is that as their customer base grows, so will the number of those dissatisfied customers,’ said Brown.”

MacDailyNews Take: Really, what did Linus say? Seriously, Chuck’s right: Any small number of affected customers — or rivals posing as affected customers (wink, wink) — can scream whatever they like on Twitter or on Apple’s support pages and generate fodder for Reuters hit-pieces.

“One group of users reported that iOS 9 upgrade would fail after several minutes, requiring them to start the process over. Many posted screen shots of the error message they received: ‘Software Update Failed,'” Somerville and Wardell report. “That problem was likely caused by servers that were overloaded when too many people tried to download the upgrade simultaneously, tech analysts said.”

MacDailyNews Take: That’s a traffic issue, not an iOS 9 issue.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Anecdotal evidence with no hard numbers of those affected, or proof that anyone was actually affected, along with calling downloading issues due to huge traffuc reeks of a hit-piece to us.

We’ll keep an eye on it, but trolling Apple support pages and Twitter to gin up an article makes us suspicious. It’s a cheap, easy way to generate negative articles.

So, the nucleus of this “iOS 9 crashing news” is a Reuters piece that mis-terms downloading failures due to massive network demand as “crashing.” If you see this “news” elsewhere, check to see if it’s based on this Reuters article. For example:

Echo Chamber articles based on this Reuters article:
• The Express
• The Bristol Post
Jakarta Globe

Next, there’ll be an article from some hack mentioning how many articles are reporting this “issue.” One source, Reuters, and many reprints/rewrites.

If some sound, factual evidence is presented, or Apple affirms, then there is an issue. If not, what was the impetus for this article, Reuters?


    1. 50/50? Please… 🙂 There are hundreds of millions of (more than half-a-BILLION) iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches in active use that can upgrade to iOS 9. Use common sense. If even ONE PERCENT of them had actual issues, there would be lines to the Genius Bar going out the door at every Apple Store, and Apple’s tech support system would have melted down. (For the math-challenged, one percent of 100 million is one million.)

      1. Er yes, my comment was that they refer to significant numbers in both instances, but they cite no actual figures to make it seem like it’s a big problem, which is clearly isn’t. Hence why I said it was tosh.

  1. I also got the ‘Software Update Failed’ message numerous times, but it wasn’t a surprise since I tried downloading the update within hours of it being available. Massive traffic was to be expected. It happens each time there’s a major update, but at least we get updates for our iPhones.

    1. I updated an iP4S, iPad2 with no problems. iP5S though had numerous error msg until finally it passed. Anything to do with 64 bit A-proc?? (I have for ex one app – JRiver remote – that crashes on iOS 9 in combo with 64 bit, works fine on iOS 32 bit. This problem is certified from support)

  2. Sounds like it’s Android users downloading the ‘switch to iOS’ app from Google Play and then being “dumb”-founded when iOS9 won’t upload to their Android device!!

    1. There is always a chance of an update failing to keep all bits straight if it has a glitch in the data stream during the upgrade download.

      I’ve seen it on iOS and OS X.

      It is safest to download iOS on a Mac and then use the Thunderbolt cable to do the iPhone upgrade.

  3. My only serious problem was a dead iPhone 6+ from a very early update attempt that I couldn’t revive for two hours until I hooked it by USB to my Retina MBP.

    Writing this with that phone.

    Curious about Thunderbolt to Lightning cable.

  4. I updated 4 iPhones and 5 iPads. Unfortunately my daughters iPad mini (gen 2) did not upgrade and somehow became corrupted (kept freezing at the slide to upgrade screen after rebooting during install). Even a restore/upgrade/recovery with iTunes didn’t work. I had to restore to factory default and let her install all her apps, etc. Sadly that meant she lost many of her videos she created (I should have copied them off to the Mac!). It was a long, frustrating evening. Can’t explain what happened. The upgrade went fine on the others though. We all love iOS 9 so far!

    1. Always back up your data once a week………………….sorry for your loss…….been there, done that….
      Everybody has their “wish I backed it up moment”.
      Your daughter just had hers.
      She maybe able to recover her videos from friends who downloaded them.
      Good luck…..

      1. Ya, that’s the thing. All devices were backed up prior to upgrade. The issue with hers was that the install corrupted and the restore/recovery would not let me ‘go back’ to 8.4.1. Instead it would automatically ‘slide to upgrade’ each time after attempting to recover/restore. Once iOS 9 was on the iPad it would not let me roll it back. The ‘Slide to upgrade’ screen would freeze each time. Still, you’re right in that I should have copied her videos to the Mac (via Photos).

  5. There are likely more than half-a-BILLION iPhones (4S and later) in active use that can upgrade to iOS 9, and that does not even include iPad (2 and later) and iPod touch (current and previous). Any micro-minuscule percentage of users with an issue related to upgrading is going to result in “social media” being “awash” with reports of problems.

    If ONLY 100 million of those users have upgraded so far, and JUST one-hundredth of one percent (0.0001) experienced a problem, that is 10,000. Plus any “fakers.” That would be more than enough for the media alarmists to declare “disaster.” This is the cost of Apple having such a HUGE customer base, doing the same thing (upgrading to iOS 9 in this case) all at once. Even something tiny (approaching zero) can affect a large (absolute) number of customers.

    I have one of the lowliest of supported devices, a 16GB (A5) iPod touch. I upgraded it yesterday, with no problem. I started the process and went for a run; it was done by the time I got back and looked at it again. It seems to work well; it tries gallantly to keep up when streaming Apple Music in the background, while actively surfing articles in News. 🙂

  6. Tried once and got aa failed due to server overload I suspect. Yesterday AM worked perfectly. Anyone with actual problems probably failed to back up to iTunes so they had a iOS 8.4 bailout to wait until any suspected issues are resolved. I never go all in on day 1 for anything.

  7. Updated my old iPhone 4S Thursday morning and my iPad Air 2 in the afternoon; the 4S took longer than expected to install but finished and no apparent problems, though I haven’t played with it much. My iPhone 5 I’m holding off updating until I have more free time.

  8. Updated ota tethered to my iPad on my 6 at launch, then later in the evening (read prime time west coast) updated an air2, ipad3 and ipad2 all ota on wifi with no issues other than speed of download.

    My only issue ever was remembering my convoluted Apple ID password. Based on trolls that would be a fail for Apple to allow me to not remember my password.

  9. Updated my iPhone 6+, the workout data in the Activity went missing, a restore from an encrypted backup failed to restore the data. Also iTunes playlists were trashed, about 30 of them. Tech support was no help, problems still unresolved. 🖖😀⌚️

  10. After the update and then backing up the update, I had some glitches in which the “touch” to buttons in address book/contacts did not respond, along with another app. Seemed to be the “touch” response screen more than anything else.

    I shut the iPhone 6 off and re-started it. It has been working fine since.

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