Apple drops iCloud prices, matches or betters rivals’ storage services, but sticks with stingy 5GB of free space

“For the second year in a row, Apple reduced prices for its expanded iCloud storage plans, putting costs in line with rivals like Google, Microsoft and Dropbox,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld. “Although the Cupertino, Calif., company did not boost the amount of free storage space and instead continued to provide just 5GB of iCloud space gratis, it bumped up the $0.99 per month plan from 20GB to 50GB, lowered the price of the 200GB plan by 25% to $2.99 monthly, and halved the 1TB plan’s price to $9.99. Apple also ditched last year’s 500GB plan, which had cost $9.99 monthly.”

“The new prices are in line with the competition; in one case, Apple’s was lower,” Keizer reports. “Google, for example, hands out 15GB of cloud-based Google Drive storage for free — triple Apple’s allowance — and charges $1.99 monthly for 100GB and $9.99 each month for 1TB. The smaller-sized plan is 33% more per gigabyte than Apple’s 200GB deal.”

Keizer reports, “Microsoft also gives away 15GB. Additional storage costs $1.99 monthly for 100GB — the same price as Google Drive — while 200GB runs $3.99 per month, 33% higher than Apple’s same-sized plan.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Not a bad deal from Apple. Back up everything you can as often as you can! As for the “stingy” (Computerworld’s characterization): You get what your pay for.

Apple activates new iCloud storage plans, moves 500GB subscribers to 1TB – September 17, 2015


  1. Google and Microsoft can afford to give users 15GB for free, because most “customers” don’t trust Google and Microsoft enough to put even 1GB of their personal data on servers run by Google and Microsoft (“our customers ARE our commodity”).

    1. No, I entirely agree with ken1w. I have access to both Google and Microsoft’s free space and even own Arq, which let’s me encrypt my data before it reaches their grubby little hands. But I CAN’T make myself do it! Even with encrypted data, I cannot imagine using their services for my data backups. I’d rather pay someone I trust and respect. Example: SpiderOak.

    1. I still only use the 5GB plan and have iCloud Drive disabled and working fine here. I think its a poor choice for Apple not to match Google! Apple is a business and I get that, but they have to stop nickel and diming its customers and potential new customers looking to come aboard. This is why people hate Apple, for little reasons like this that add up here and there and over time. And its certainly not like Apple can’t afford to match Google!

  2. Two thoughts, same concept:
    1. Nothing in life is free; nor should it be.

    2. Others can offer ‘free’ storage when they reserve the right to snoop through it in an effort to better sell your demographic data to marketers.

  3. I agree nothing is free.

    But I think you should get 5 gigs free for each iCloud device I have active.

    Apple makes money selling hardware. Well, I own multiple iCloud devices and each one uses up space when it backs up.

  4. Yes but 500GB shared among a family would be greatly appreciated, I have iTunes MusicMach + Apple music family, but I cloud separated, makes no sense, 80% of the pictures are identical. Also to use properly (photos) I need to be able to fit my 280GB of pictures,
    I have a shared flaker account 1TB, (free), but rather be able to share with apple in a single place

  5. All of this is useless without selective sync and without the ability to stream audio/video on the iPhone. Currently it requires you download the whole file in order to play it.

  6. I wish Apple would offer 16GB of data for free. It would be nice if it was equal to the amount available on an entry level iPhone or iPad.

    So many people do e I to Apple Stores with broken iOS devices and they do not have computer backups. It would taken a great deal of burden off of service departments.

    Even better, if you buy a 32 GB device you get 32GB of free backup while under warranty.

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