Is it gay for a guy to get the rose gold iPhone?

“Just look at that pretty pink hue, boys. You crave the newest color on the newest model of the world’s most popular phone but can’t stop thinking ‘pink is for girls’ or ‘pink is gay,'” Thomas Ricker writes for The Verge.

“You hate yourself for wanting it, and you’re scared; what will people think if you pre-order a bigger better rose gold iPhone 6S Plus to 3D Touch late at night?” Ricker writes. “How will the guys respond when they see you Apple Pay a round of beers with it at the ballpark?”

Ricker writes, “Cautiously you extend a leg, plié, and dip your pointed toe into the hostile waters of Twitter to find out lol.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’re not touching that question with a ten-inch, uh… ten-foot pole. 😉

For the record, the heterosexual males here at MacDailyNews have had gold iPhones previously (iPhone 5s) which were chosen as much for the looks as for the resale value. We currently have iPhone 6 Plus models in Space Gray and have pre-ordered our iPhone 6s Plus models in Space Gray because, after the year spent with the 5s units, we found we prefer the classic black face for iPhone vs. the white face (found on the gold, rose gold, and silver models) which we feel competes a bit too much with the display. If Apple offered iPhones with black faces in other colors, we’d have a decision to make. For us, it’s all about the iPhone’s face, which we want to disappear not gleam, so the Space Gray models are our only option.


  1. Using “gay” in this way is borderline illegal in present times. It clearly shows ignorance and frighteningly poor taste. At best it falls into the category of micro-aggression. Very sad for a website that just barely has valuable content to begin with.

    having said that:

    Black on Black is for the Players.
    Gold on white is for the Players mother.
    Pink on white is for the Players little sister.

  2. this crap has no place on MDN…. we all know that generally Apple users are more educated, intelligent and socially mobile….. clearly not on this thread….. this needs to go in the trash !!!

  3. Do you know how many guy soccer players wear pink soccer cleats? If you own it, people will respect you. (This works for just about anything in life) Hold your head up, if someone gives you sh*t, give it right back to them.

    Don’t let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, THAT is the very definition of being macho!

  4. You know?

    This is the stupidest question ever. And the only reason I waste my time answering is so I can point the stupidity of it.

    If anyone is stupid enough to think that color defines your sexual orientation, then you don’t have enough neurones to have what should be defined as a functional brain.

    I personally don’t like pink. I’ll never use a pink shirt, or pink anything. Not because it’s gay, but because I don’t like pink on me. It has nothing to do with me being a heterosexual male or a macho thing.

    I have friends who use pink shirts with suits and ties. And they are very heterosexual. My wife even says “hey that shirt would look great on you” (and I say “sure, over my dead body”).

    I don’t like gold either. It’s too flashy to my taste. I’ll never wear a goled watch or a golden bracelet or a golden ring (except of my wedding band). Which cames to collussion: I don’t like rings in men. I don’t care if you won the super bowl or it represents something important. I don’t judge people wearing right. But I don’t like the way it looks.

    Bottom like: It’s all about PERSONAL TASTE. Some men like pink shirt, golden jewelry and righs all over. That doesn’t make them gay. Same as a pink phone. If someone likes it and buys it, it does not make him gay. It makes him just someone who happens to like the color.

    Do you know what someone told me several years ago? I was working with my MacBook Pro, and this friend of mine (who knows nothing about computers) told me “Man, are you using Apple? That’s a computer for gay people”.

    So, screw stereotypes. Use your brain for once. And, please don’t post assclown articles.

  5. The question “Is it gay to [fill in the blank]” reeks of gender stereotypes, prejudice, and general ignorance. Masculinity has nothing to do with sexual orientation or the color of a phone. If you think that it does then you are an insecure idiot. Time for people to grow up and get your own life instead of denigrating a minority of people that have done nothing wrong to you! Really we just do good things in society like make your neighborhoods beautiful, create nearly every important cultural achievement, and adopt all of the kids created, but then discarded by their bio parents. Really disappointed in the editor of this blog to post this article and then tolerate the list of discriminatory words used in this thread. Proves that just because someone uses an Apple device it does not necessarily mean they are particularly intelligent or socially evolved.

    1. I don’t think you understood the whole concept of the article. It uses one stereotype to make fun at the expense of another.

      The whole premise of the article is based on the two fairly common stereotypes: that the colour pink (‘rose gold’) is closely associated with femininity (and, according to the stereotypes, consequently, homosexuality), and that heterosexual men with latent (or explicit) homophobia are mortified of being labelled as, or even associated with being, gay.

      It is obvious from the article that these are stereotypes. It isn’t making fun of the pink/gay one; it is specifically ridiculing macho hetero manly men for whom the biggest fear in their lives is if someone mistakenly, for a split second, thinks that they might actually be, you know, the word that shall not be mentioned, but begins with G.

      In other words, the article precisely makes fun of those insecure idiots you mention. As for comments from others, it is a reflection of the audience currently responding, not necessarily the typical MDN audience.

    2. Totally agree with you Gavin. I find the use offensive and I don’t care if it’s making fun of stereotypes. Perpetuating a stereotype to make fun of another stereotype just isn’t justification for using it in the first place. I’m also finding the tolerance of MacDailyNews for discrimination very off putting and I’m beginning to wonder what I’m doing visiting this site.

  6. For people who add opaque cases to their iPhones, it doesn’t matter what color; the only place the color of the phone shows is in the cut-out in the case to display the Apple logo.

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