Why Apple is winning in the quest for the next big thing

“Few launches from the last few months contained more hype and frenzy than the recent Apple event — which saw the launch of the iPhone 6S and other tech marvels such as the Apple TV and iPad Pro,” Steven Ambrose writes for Memeburn. “What was missed in all the hype and the hyperbole, is that Apple has been consistently changing the game, beyond the original iPhone launch, it just did not do so in one go. Since the release of the iPhone in 2007 there has been a clear vision of what and where Apple was going.”

“It is and never was about the phone. Apple have always focused on the ecosystem around the devices. This ecosystem and partner focus has never been clearer,” Ambrose writes. “New products are introduced at launches by what they can do and then the specifications and price are announced. Medical applications, gaming applications, TV, search, and more, are always demonstrated before the hardware specs and attributes.”

“What keeps Apple out front, is its singular focus on its vison of what technology should do. Part of which is that it is not about the hardware and features and flashy form factors — a fact Samsung and most others truly do not appreciate. If you try to compete with Apple on hardware only it simply will not work,” Ambrose writes. “Apple has the head start and the scale to deliver on its vision, where many others simply do not.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we just wrote a few hours ago:

We can do so much more than those with disparate devices. You want your personal computer, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch, and set-top box to all have one thing in common: the Apple logo. Take advantage of Continuity’s Handoff and iCloud features. No other ecosystem can come close to matching Apple’s seamlessness across devices.


            1. “Open always wins” is a long-time MDN catchphrase, a parody of the fandroid meme. Most regular readers nodded in appreciation at that and passed on without a superfluous vote. This voting system is out of whack anyway, susceptible to casual abuse, and should be dropped. In the old days, expressing appreciation or opprobrium required more of an effort than one click; it took a posted reply even if only to say “plus one.” Trolls had to work harder then. Now, they just TP the tree in your front yard at midnight and drive away laughing.

    1. Yes, android has “won” marketshare. Apple has won profit share (93% of smartphone profits) and has maintained a much more uniform, updated user base- which gives a better user experience in the long run. Androids base is hopelessly fragmented, as there are countless hardware configurations and manufacturers.

        1. Choose however you like. I’m simply stating that Apple has been rewarded by the market..people pay for a quality experience. The android fans can talk about the benefits of an open system and market share- but in the end, the benefits of integrated hardware and software (and ecosystem) have won over the the majority of people who vote with their dollars.

      1. What Fred means is that Apple needs HIM to achieve success. Fred is the Donald Trump of this website and the tech world. He’s awesome to the max, and anything he says or does is huuuuge! Please have more respect for his eminence.

        1. Actually, gregg deserves your praise. He has brilliantly deduced Apple needs to purchase Qaulcomm. I am certain Tim Cook, the Apple board, Apple presidents, and even the doorman did a collective head slap when gregg made this dramatic proposal. Don’t be surprised if this purchase happens next week.

    1. gregg, first you criticize me for writing that Apple cannot be successful by itself then you write Apple is tactically and strategically incomplete unless it incorporates the talents, skills, and technologies of a third party. You must be too ignorant to recognize your own hypocrisy and stupidity.

  1. Your suffering from something which you mention twice in the first sentence “HYPE”

    How could you possibly have this as the title for your article and not come off as an uneducated Apple shill.
    What IDIOT would seriously suggest that Apple is not about the hardware, or that their competitors shouldn’t compete with Apple hardware. Hardware is the ONLY thing that Apple excels at – it is the ONLY thing which they do better than Microsoft, Samsung and Google.
    Also, nobody with any real technical knowledge would write “Apple are always changing the game” when they’ve just had an event where they are trying to turn the ipad into a copy of a Microsoft surface, have done nothing interesting to Apple TV other than let it play games of the same quality as on your phone, and made a slight upgrade to their phone. What game are they changing???

    Really I don’t know what it takes to be a journalist for a tech website – its clearly not a knowledge of technology

    1. “it is the ONLY thing which they do better than Microsoft, Samsung and Google.”

      LOL, my the OSX on my mac is way better than windows. If you believe otherwise fine but you will never convince me.
      OSX has usability advantages (for me) , which is hard to quantify, it is an OS designed by engineers AND artists while Windows is driven by engineers alone . Steve Jobs called it the merging of Arts and Science.

      Actually Apple’s crown jewels as someone pointed out to Jobs and which he acknowledged is the SOFTWARE. Practically every hit today is driven by OSX or it’s derivative iOS.

      Apple of course also makes the highest class hardware but it is this merging of software hardware (designing both in lockstep) , in short optimization is why apple devices crush rivals.

      This usability advantage is in every product they make, that’s why you can’t beat Apple with ‘feature bloat’ because even if rivals have the features they are not as well implemented.

      On the PC issue the ONLY reason inferior Windows survived is because at one time PCs were CHEAPER and thus grabbed market share and the developers.

      When Tim Cook (who used to work for Compaq and IBM) streamlined the supply chain and started to make devices like Dell, Acer from suppliers in Asia Apple could match rivals prices. Without the PRICE DIFFERENCE , like high end smartphones cost about the same, rivals cannot fight Apple. One more time the ONLY reasons rivals beat Apple earlier with inferior products was PRICE.

      In every NEW area like phones without this overhead Apple’s advantage of superior merging of software and hardware will win practically every time (Apple controls 92% of phone profits and ALSO the market share in the price range it competes in).

      Windows fans keep saying Surface 3 is superior and iPad Pro is a ‘copy’ but i bet you iPad Pro will outsell Surface. And it’s not marketing, Msft spends a LOT more on marketing than apple. (Apple spends about a billion plus in marketing world wide for everything, Msft is spending 400 – 500 million just on Surfaces NFL tie in in USA alone). It’s not marketing , it’s usability, users I am betting will ENJOY using the iPad Pro more than Surface tablets.

    2. Son, calm down. You know Apple makes software, right? You know that OS X is the main thing in their software offerings, right?

      Now you can’t talk about knowledge of technology and then blithely claim that Google, Microsoft, and Samsung do better than Apple at software. Google’s OS, for instance, has decidedly mixed reviews. The idea of an OS that has zero local (effectual) storage and relies only on the cloud seems foolish and destined for problems, if you ask me. And Samsung? Aside from TV OS’s, do they even do software?

      Again, calm down. Do you really honestly think that the iPad Pro is trying to ape the Surface? To do so means to ape Microsoft’s software. Now OS X post Mavericks sucks like a black hole, but it’s still worlds better than Win 8.1.

      However, beneath all your bluster and illogic, you do raise one good point: what game are they changing? For the life of me, I don’t know either. It seems like more and more they are playing a game in which I have no interest in playing.

  2. I was going to mock this sorry excuse for a tech journalist but Robin Sayer here just about trumps him.
    “Your suffering from…”
    “Hardware is the ONLY thing that Apple excels at…”

    Sayer: If you’re going to call people uneducated have the good sense to spell check your own bilious prating first.

    The article itself is not worth reading.
    The author passes himself off as a “seasoned and experienced journalist…” but his writing is clumsy and inane.

    I made it to the third paragraph, but I’d had enough by, “Commentators have vacillated from abject awe ( O_o ) to complete denigration.”

    1. That author appears not to have noticed why the iPod so spectacularly saw off all of it’s many rivals.

      Huge companies ( at the time ), like Microsoft and Sony decided that they wanted to grab a share of the iPod cake and built hardware that was intended to eclipse the iPod. They all crashed and burned.

      They failed to realise that what set iPod apart was iTunes on your computer and the Apple Music store to make it easy to load music onto the iPod. It was the ecosystem that make iPod so big. Their big mistake was believing that cleverly marketing the hardware was Apple’s secret. The real secret was that Apple provided an ecosystem that allowed their hardware to work seamlessly in a way that delighted it’s customers. Apple’s rivals primarily concentrated on hardware and marketing, which lost them a massive amount of money.

      Apple learned from that experience and refined the formula with subsequent product categories and broader ecosystems. Despite it starting ten years ago, it’s still news to some.

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