‘Hey Siri’ voice training in iOS 9 helps Siri better recognize your voice

“The iOS 9 GM includes a new feature for Siri to help it better recognize your voice when using the automatic ‘Hey Siri’ activation feature,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac.

“On all current iPhones, you can activate Siri by saying ‘Hey Siri’ when the device is plugged in to power,” Mayo reports. “On the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, the ‘Hey Siri’ activation feature works all the time, plugged in or not, thanks to new dedicated components inside the latest iPhones meaning it can be ‘always on.'”

“With the GM, the OS now prompts you to go through a few training exercises before the feature will be enabled,” Mayo reports. “Some readers have claimed that this feature is like Voice ID, so that ‘Hey Siri’ function will only respond when the true owner of the phone speaks to it. Whilst this would be a nice feature, we cannot reproduce this and believe it is only meant to improve general detection accuracy.”

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  1. Been playing with that in iOS 8 when in the car. When the data connection is good, it is scary how well and FAST it works. Creating notes or reminders with a few sentences is very impressive. Not to mention impressing your passengers by only saying Hey Siri…

    1. I use it at night when it’s plugged in on the night stand. Rather than tricking my brain into staying up later with the light, I keep my room pitch black and just say “hey Siri, what are my alarms for tomorrow morning?” “Set an alarm for such time.” “What meetings do I have in the morning?” “Tomorrow at 9am remind me to (random thing I thought of).” It’s just about the only time I use hey Siri, and it’s the perfect time for it. I jam my music way too loud to be using it in my car.

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