Apple prepares for one of the biggest events in its history

“Apple is gearing up for one of the biggest events in its history — which will see it attempt to keep up the momentum of the iPhone 6, launch its bid for people’s living rooms and show off a huge new version of the iPad,” Andrew Griffin reports for The Independent.

“The huge size of the auditorium this time around means that it’s likely Apple will have something more going on than just standing around and talking,” Griffin reports. “There’s a lot relying on this iPhone. It won’t be an especially spectacular release, it seems — the ‘s’ part of the cycle never is — but it really needs to keep up the momentum from the last iPhone.”

MacDailyNews Take: iPhone “S” years usher in hugely significant features, such as oleophobic displays, significant GPU improvements, world phone capability, Siri personal assistant, video stabilization, panorama photos, 64-bit processors, TD-LTE support, and Touch ID, among other improvements and additions. We expect this “S” year to be at least as momentous.

“The Apple TV will essentially be a big new product category, even though it appears just to be an upgrade to the existing set-top box. Eventually, it will be the host of Apple’s huge new streaming service, and could become the central hub for its connected home — at launch, it will be mostly a games console,” Griffin reports. “The iPad Pro is Apple’s first big product for professionals in years. It released the new Mac Pro in 2013, and hasn’t done much for real professionals since. (The MacBook Pro has really become a consumer device.) It will be interesting to see whether Apple still has the power to bring a whole new kind of device to professional and enterprise users.”

MacDailyNews Take: The MacBook Pro has really become a consumer device? Griffin is clueless.

Griffin reports, “A new iPhone, Apple TV, iPads and Apple Watches could all be shown off at the event — and perhaps even a car.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There’s nothing quite like the specious reporting of the mainstream press.

It’s official: Apple sends out September 9th special event invitations – August 27, 2015


  1. To say Tim Cook is disappointing as Apple’s CEO is an understatement.

    It seems as though all he does is produce products that give me no choice but to pass on.

    The iPad Amatuer is the latest such product. Before that:

    The Apple Stupidwatch
    The Uniport, underpowered yet overpriced Apple Macbook Netbook
    The trashcan, overpriced, unupgradeable Mac Pro
    The Lackluster and buggy Apple Music

    This appears to be a never ending trend. Steve Jobs always gave me a reason to buy Apple products; and I even looked forward in anticipation to Keynotes.

    Those were the days.

    I know you all spend countless hours defending Tim Cook, but at what point will you finally say “enough is enough”!

    1. I think you are in the minority. Every venue that Apple has hosted has been packed. Tickets sell out in seconds. The technology that Apple brings to the table is still trendsetting. Go play with Android and Dell and Microsoft if you’re so upset. They need people like you to stay relevant.

      1. The “go to M$ if you’re not happy” drones miss the point, as always. I’m a creative pro, a Mac user, and have no intention of changing that, but without exception Apple’s efforts of late have been massively disappointing.
        You don’t agree? You obviously never ran Aperture on an Xserve, or had your documents destroyed by the latest version of Pages.
        The problem really isn’t Apple, it’s that our expectations are too high. We keep expecting Steve to walk out on the stage a blow our minds, instead we get some limp wrist who is more concerned with his pet political causes than running Apple.
        Change is inevitable, but not always beneficial.

    2. No kidding.
      Appleholic since system 7 here.
      Maps is still garbage. Google shows building outlines, parking lots, etc. Maps shows little icons and empty spaces. Oh, and STILL no expressway exit numbers.
      I’ve given up using Siri (should have been called Sorry) for all but the simplest tasks.
      iWork is a sad joke, and appears to be abandonware. The apps are $10 each while M$ Office is free. M$ hit an unequivocal home run with W10 too, making the ‘El Capitan’ update look anaemic. (No, I’m not switching.)
      Seriously though, todo lists in Notes and a Pin button in Safari.. That’s what the biggest company in the world spends a year on??
      Don’t even get me started on ‘Photos’ and ‘Music’.

      Steve really should have left a man in charge.
      One star this if you agree.

      1. i used Macs well before System 7. Things could be better, but they are not nearly as terrible as you paint them. If you have been an “Appleholic” since System 7, then you experienced the dark days from around 1992 – 1997. Those times were much worse.

        Apple can do better. Apple should do better. But Tim seems to be doing a pretty good job, IMO, and I am not so sure that there is a better CEO candidate for Apple right now. I notice that you did not name a replacement candidate, or even follow-up on your second-guessing of Steve Jobs by saying who he should have recommended as a successor.

        I am more than a bit tired of the gloom and doom hyperbole on this forum. It is actually a great time to be a Mac and iOS user.

        1. @KingMel

          You’re right, I didn’t mention exactly who Jobs should’ve chosen as his successor.

          Truth be told, any chimpanzee could’ve done a better Job than Tim Cook at “babysitting” Apple. I say babysitting because this guy has ZERO innovation ability, zero presentation ability, zero charm, and zero personality. All he does is suck up air and collect millions for the privilege. He should donate all his money to charity because he hasn’t earned a red cent!

          He is completely unlikable in every single metric of human measurement. He is arrogant, lazy, incompetent and narrow minded. His concern for Apple’s well being is superceded by his grandiose need for attention and his strange willingness to propagate his personal gay rights mantra at ANY and all business costs to Apple.

          I truly believe that Jobs named him successor because Jobs knew Cook would be an incompetent CEO, and that this would serve to enhance Jobs’ own legacy.

    3. You signed up just to write that garbage, you must be loyal to someone that’s all I can say to put in the e tea effort. The most successful company in the World, gaining market share but apparently the boss is a loser, yup I’m convinced. Do let me know when you start a business so that I can avoid it like the plague.

  2. Apple’s Photos is shockingly awful. It is unbelievable they would abandon the significant pro market that was using Aperture for the dumbed-down app known as “Photos.”

    1. Apple gets into the pro photography market with Aperture.
      Cedes to Adobe after losing interest.
      Apple gets into mapping with ‘Maps’.
      Cedes to Google after losing interest.
      Apple gets into the Office market with iWork.
      Cedes to Micros**t after losing interest.

      It’s sad.
      Sadder still to watch people get excited about the medical advances Apple is making possible, knowing that they’ll soon lose interest in that too….

      1. the watch only tracks your health,
        yet electric cars apparently don’t pollute – so Cook thinks
        hence he believes attacking the auto industry will put a dent in the universe.

        big lol

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