New One World Trade Center Observatory puts Apple iPad at center of visitor experience

“The newly opened One World Trade Center Observatory in New York City relies heavily on the iPad for its visitor experience, with Apple’s tablet serving as both a virtual tour guide and a payment terminal,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“The 100th-floor One World Observatory opened to the public earlier this year, giving visitors breathtaking views of Manhattan and beyond,” Hughes reports. “But the unique, sky-high experience is also aided by Apple’s iPad, which can be made an integral part of the tour.”

“The destination’s “One World Explorer” accessory is an optional personal tour guide that is powered by Apple’s iPad,” Hughes reports. “Using the iPad’s gyroscopes, the device allows users to scan New York City’s horizon and identify landmarks… Tickets to One World Observatory cost $32 for adults, $30 for seniors, and $26 for children. The One World Explorer iPad personal tour guide is an additional $15.”

Much more, including many photos, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s a remarkable view of an amazing city made even better with Apple’s magical iPad!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. I KNOW some are going to say its too expensive, I just took the tour last month and its AWESOME just do it! A few points:
    1) Don’t be afraid to go during the day. I went at sunset and stayed well past dark. There is a LOT of reflection on the glass so its not as good as you would expect at night. The day views were great.
    2) There is a bar at the top for drinks and refreshments. Pricy but nice place to chat and enjoy the views.
    3) It is 100% enclosed with no way to go outside. I miss the Empire State Building “feel” when you walk outside and feel the wind at over 1000′ in the air.

    Great tour!

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