Apple TV 4 coming in October for under $200, Apple TV 3 becomes entry level; both get new streaming service

“According to sources, the fourth-generation Apple TV will be priced below $200, and is on track to become available in October,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “Apple executives are apparently still finalizing the price of the revamped living room device, but the latest options call for a starting price point of either $149 or $199.”

“Apple plans to keep the $69 third-generation device for sale as an entry level model within the Apple TV product line,” Gurman reports. “Apple’s next-generation Apple TV will include a number of new features to differentiate itself from the older version, including Siri support, a new remote control, an App Store with a Software Development Kit for developers, and a refreshed user interface.”

“As soon as next year, Apple plans to release a cable-replacing streaming TV service,” Gurman reports. “According to our sources, the software update that enables Apple’s cable-replacement service is currently planned to also become available for the third-generation Apple TV.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s good to know that Apple TV 3 units will still work with the upcoming skinny bundle(s), but we’re really going to want to upgrade to ATV4 in order to get Siri support, the new remote controller, what we assume is an improved ATV4-only user interface, and the Apple TV App Store.


  1. I like Siri in the car… when my hands and eyes aren’t available.

    It will be interesting to see how well it goes over in the living room. Your spouse and family members will probably wish you were using the remote.

    1. Sure…excuses…because changing the world is easy and ought to occur on an annual timetable.

      Product and service development and integration is a complex and time-consuming endeavor, particularly when it involves many independent organizations and a plethora of contracts, rules, and regulations that must be addressed.

      You are probably one of those annoying people who seem to think that the rest of the world should perform instantly on command, but wants everyone to praise them when they manage to release the weekly branch activity report (to which they contributed nothing except the aggregation of everyone else’s inputs).

    1. There are plenty of people who have paid substantially more for PVRs even VCR’s. If the product is awesome there is potential for true value at $200.

      I think all of us can agree, that every other living room device short of a computer lacks in search capability.

      Apple may bring Apple Music along with the same type of curated lists for TV/movies/documentaries in our living rooms.

  2. I this thing is WAY wicked cool, they can announce who their current content partners are, and, if they can build enough excitement about what else it can do (native SDK, games, apps, touch and sensor remote, home hub), they should be able to just about name their own terms with the remaining content holders. If it’s good, they should be able to exert a lot of pressure. My only concern is the $200. I hope that’s not too much to limit some pretty quick mainstream adoption, or they’ll lose a lot of hand.

    1. I agree.. although a $200 price point won’t deter me personally from purchasing an ATV4, BUT it will be a roadblock for some. I think it is critical for Apple to be aggressive here and switch-on as many users as possible to the system w/ a bold price point.

      The $69 ATV3 was a good entry-level start but it doesn’t really move the needle. The new ATV model priced around $100-$130 imo would drive NEW users to try the platform–which would create significant momentum and leverage for Apple.

      Having said that, I believe Apple will go in the other direction and try to make this a premium device. It has worked for them in the past but to me this is a different and fickle market–one that can easily shift to cheap device makers because when it really comes down to it, folks just want to get at their content.

  3. I predict a lot of kids are going to be getting “passed down” Apple TV units so mom and dad can upgrade to the latest Apple TV4…..

    Hopefully it will have 4k built in…..!!

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