Apple expected to hold massive special event at Bill Graham Civic Center in San Francisco on September 9th

“On Monday, we broke the news that a mysterious event was being planned for Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, with the venue booked through mid-September, security personnel on constant duty, and heavy equipment being loaded into and stationed around the building,” Andrew Dudley reports for Hoodline.

“Today a trusted source confirmed to us that yes, the activity at Bill Graham is indeed preparing for an Apple event,” Dudley reports. “Our source, who wished to remain anonymous due to the extreme privacy surrounding the event, has shown us documentation from event logistics indicating that Apple is renting the building through September 12th.”

“Furthermore, planned street closures in the area reveal that Grove Street in front of the auditorium will be shut down to traffic from 6pm on Tuesday Sept. 8th to 11:59pm on Thursday Sept. 10th, while Fulton between Hyde and Larkin will be shut down on Wednesday Sept. 9th between 4am and 11:59pm,” Dudley reports. “All of this points to Wednesday, September 9th as the likely date of the main event, which jibes with the predictions of Apple-focused tech media.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s attempts at secrecy as the world’s most valuable and most-watched company are endearingly cute. Futile, but cute.

Mystery company books San Francisco’s massive Bill Graham Civic Auditorium through September 13th – August 24, 2015


  1. “MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s attempts at secrecy as the world’s most valuable and most-watched company are endearingly cute. Futile, but cute.”

    So, I can safely assume you at MacDailyNews and all other news outlets know **exactly** what Apple will be presenting (assuming the postulations are all correct)? Clearly it will be more than just the introduction of an iPhone (or even an iPhone and AppleTV) which can be effectively presented at a much, much smaller venue. So, what is it?

  2. The big question is, since this is being held in the very prosperous and enlightened city of San Francisco, how much human poop will be on the streets in front of the Bill Graham Center? Will there be people at the door helping attendees scrape the human excrement off their shoes, in the very evolved city of San Francisco? Just curious.

  3. Futile but cute can mean two things. On the one hand Apple may be like a high school nerd with a crush on someone and has all these little love note falling out of his pocket and a shrine built on his locker.

    On the other hand Apple may be like the world’s be poker player, expressionless and takes every possible option to maintain privacy and secrecy, which is futile cause he is surrounded by those unscrupulous types who’d sink to any level to get the information they want, including making it up in some circumstance. It’s so cute when bitch karma comes and attempts to teach them a lesson, and then another, and another and another.

  4. Well I’m not sure what one would expect regarding secrecy for such a large event. Until Apple has their own facility for such an event, it’s quite easy to look at the scheduling of venues in the area during the time frame. Since nobody else is secretive in this regard, it always points to Apple. And more importantly, it’s not exactly actionable information.

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