Swatch: ‘One more thing’ trademark bid based on 1970s TV show, not Apple

“Swatch recently caused some commotion by trademarking the term ‘one more thing,’ a line regularly used by Apple founder Steve Jobs – and recently by Apple CEO Tim Cook when he revealed the Apple Watch,” Hugh Langley reports for TechRadar. “Some commentators accused the Swiss watch maker of taking a petty jab at the Cupertino, which only launched its smartwatch on the market in April this year. Swatch, however, denies such claims.”

“A company spokesperson told techradar: “In principle, Swatch trademarks all of its watch names (or names of its collections) in different categories. In the current collection, you can find names like ‘Moitié-Moitié’ or ‘Centrino’, which were inspired by culinary specialties (the very famous Swiss cheese fondue), or by Technics,” Langley reports. “Others are inspired by movies. ‘In this case, the name was inspired by inspector Columbo’s citation ‘Just one more thing’ – obviously our design team plans to launch a collection inspired by the ‘Film Noir.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Funny. But not nearly as funny as watching Apple Watch decimate Swatch’s watch business.

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  1. *Yawn* Won’t keep Tim Cook up nights nor prevent him from using it. It’s an identifiable Apple phrase, not Swatch, from which there will be few more “one more things.” Maybe they should have trademarked “One less thing…” instead?

  2. Right…….lying just makes them look like idiot’s but I guess in this case they really are.

    Well Swatch, if that’s the best you can do then you are doomed to fail. Nothing you can do from this point forward is going to put the genie back in the bottle.

    1. Every time I use to watch Columbo I thought to myself, “you know, a watch company really should trademark that saying.”

      I’m sure everyone else also came to the same natural conclusion.

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