Bill Simmons: Clippers owner Steve Ballmer has shown ZERO evidence that he knows what he’s doing

Former ESPNer Bill Simmons, now with HBO, took to Twitter to express his views on the Los Angeles Clippers NBA team:

Chris Matyszczyk reports for CNET, “Simmons began kindly: ‘Steve Ballmer seems like a nice enough guy. Donald Sterling was one of the worst human being who ever owned a pro sports franchise.’ (Sterling is the former and little admired owner.)”

“Simmons continued: ‘With that said — since last summer, the Ballmer Clips have been just as much of disaster behind the scenes as the Sterling Clips were,’ Matyszczyk reports. Big Dummy Ballmer“Simmons is clearly blessed with inside information. However, outside information already tells one that the team’s sudden pursuit of center DeAndre Jordan when he’d already agreed to join Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks had chaos at its core.”

Matyszczyk reports, Simmons [tweeted], ‘Ballmer has shown ZERO evidence that he knows what he’s doing. And it’s been the best kept secret in the NBA for 15-16 months… The Clips organization has been as dysfunctional as ever — not just the team but especially off the court. It’s a laundry list of things.'”

Matyszczyk reports, “The Clippers weren’t immediately available for comment. They were too busy infighting.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Gee, big surprise.

Steve Ballmer, the world’s luckiest blockhead. A more fortunate dorm assignment than Ballmer’s will never happen.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “russ” for the heads up.]


  1. What does this have to do with Macs, Apple, iPhones, Apple watches or anything else that we read this site for? Seriously, I am baffled by the inclusion of this story here.

    1. It’s another “where are they now” story, about another palooka kayoed by Apple. Expect followups on Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, Ed Colligan, and Stephen Elop.

    2. we like reading about the genius who said the iPhone would never succeed.

      it reminds everyone about the quality of people who make negative pronouncements about Apple.

  2. Wtf? Are the people running this site 12 years old? OK yes ballmer comes from MS and yes it’s the Apple vs MS thing but this isn’t even computer news. Grow up guys. Wow

    1. Computer geeks never grow up thomas, they may learn to form proper sentences like adults and they may sound responsible, but they are more serious about playing with their toys and taunting their rivals

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