How Jim Cramer triggered an Apple upgrade

“If you’re an Apple investor, you ought to be thanking TheStreet and CNBC’s Jim Cramer as well as Apple CEO Tim Cook,” Chris Ciaccia reports for TheStreet.

“Wells Fargo analyst Maynard Um upgraded Apple on Tuesday to ‘outperform,’ due in large part to an email Cook sent Cramer on Monday seeking to reassure investors that Apple’s position in China was not getting worse, but actually getting much better,” Ciaccia reports. “Shares of Cupertino, Calif-based Apple were rising 4.7% in pre-market trading on Tuesday after closing on Monday at $103.12.”

Ciaccia reports, “Um found the commentary reassuring, with Cook providing comfort, something that gives Um ‘better visibility to the Sept quarter (September is typically an iPhone transition month making Jul/Aug important, in our opinion). Given broader macro concerns, this is a visibility others in our group do not have, which we think will be important heading into earnings.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s amazing, but not surprising, that the world’s strongest company can outperform quarter after quarter, posting record results upon record results, yet “concerns” can be ginned up (and doused) at any given moment. On Wall Street, the bunkum parade rolls ever onward.

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  1. So hard and fast data and results outperforming pretty much everything you want to compare it to are a sign of doom, but an email saying things are looking good is enough to change their opinion of a company completely?

    1. Love that article. It reminds me of a woman I met who was distraught over some broker that frittered away most of her mother’s life savings. I made a couple points very close to the article (#5, repeat repeat repeat) and told her that if she really wanted to take advantage of the stock market she should learn how to do it herself.

      I met her a couple of years later, she was ready to retire in a few years, she was making that much money.

      It ain’t rocket science, it’s shill. The problem many of us have is that we have been trained not to take candy or money from a baby, but realizing that wall street is a herd of cry babies takes you one step closer to a different approach.

  2. Well said, MDN…. There is now a whole strain of humanity the “never-Apple-for-any-reason” gash that’s been cut thru massive markets by Burp-Up’s and Magic App Creators out to make us obsolete….. tee…hee… How’s that Winders X going down…. lookie—watchie—spyie—

  3. As an “Apple investor” I don’t care if the market is reassured or not. If people want to be fools and not buy Apple or sell what they have, fine. It’s like sports talk–you can talk all you want ahead of the game, but the score will be what the teams put on the board. The rest is hot air.

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