Apple, after big drop, leads recovery of Dow Jones Industrial Average

“Following a brutal 5.1% decline for the Dow Jones Industrial Average on Thursday and Friday, the setup was dire, and, alas, the blue-chip index opened the new week down as much as 1,000 points, or 6.6%,” Philip Van Doorn reports for MarketWatch.

“But sentiment changed quickly, as the index had fallen only 226 points, or 1.4%, at midday,” Van Doorn reports.

“Shares of Apple Inc. had led the 30 Dow components with an early decline of 10.2%,” Van Doorn reports. “But shares of the iPhone maker bounced back, rising [1.90%, up $2.00, to $107.76 at 12:57PM EDT.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hope you took your Dramamine this morning, Apple shareholders!

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    1. Man, SOMEBODY’s made a killing today. AAPL is already up 17% since the daily low, when it dipped to $92 while I slept. Pity the fools that sold at the low.

      1. Down again. Probably best you were sleeping this morning. You sound like someone who should be investing in United States savings bonds. Or a passbook savings account. Or burying your money in a coffee can in the backyard. It’s folks like you that lose their ass and then blame Wall Street.

        1. Don’t think so. I believe the only requirement is for company announcements to be made widely or publicly. As Cramer is a national “talking head”, this should qualify as a fair news announcement. But SEC could nail Cramer if he acted in his own self-interest ahead of announcing Apple’s news publicly.

  1. I think all those hedge funds that started taking short positions last week in AAPL freaked out when Tim wrote into Cramer this morning. They road the crash down smiling and then just dumped and jumped on the train ride back up.

    It sucks and its crap but that’s their game and they are good at it. Key for “normal” folks is to recognize when that is happening. This is not over by any means. Don’t be surprised if there isn’t a sell-off before the end of the day.

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